Taking Care of Your Feet in the Summer

Summertime is coming soon and with it comes multiple opportunities to enjoy warmer weather, outside activities, and time with family and friends.  But all of these plans can quickly become derailed if all you can think about is your feet. Take time to care for your feet this summer, and allow the fun of the season (not foot issues) to guide the memories you make. If you have questions or need support this summer, one of our caring and competent Queens providers at Best Foot Doctor NY will be happy to assist you. 


Keep your feet clean and dry. After a day in sandals or barefoot at the beach, wash your feet with soap and warm water and dry them well. Don’t forget in between your toes! Cut your toenails straight across. 

Apply moisturizer to your feet and check the skin for any cracks or blisters. Fungus and bacteria love open skin, dirt, darkness, and moisture. 

Protection of Your Feet in Summer

Avoid going barefoot in public places such as pools, locker rooms, and parks. Protect your feet from burns and cuts by wearing shoes whenever possible.

If your shoes and socks get wet, allow them to dry before continuing to wear them. That moisture is an excellent breeding ground for fungus. 

Cotton socks tend to retain moisture so look for ones that are designed to dry quickly and repel water. Change your socks every day or more often if they are soiled. 

Don’t share shoes with others. Athlete’s foot and other fungal infections quickly spread from one person to another. 

Even with summer footwear, look for shoes that are supportive and fit you well. For hiking and other strenuous activities, consider investing in good hiking shoes that will support and cushion your feet for a long day on the trails. 

Cushion calluses and cover blisters if they break open. 

Apply sunscreen to your feet, even the soles if they will be exposed to the sun. Remember to reapply several times a day, especially if you are in and out of the water. 

Take care of issues early, before they become bigger. If you are experiencing foot or leg pain without clear reason, contact your Queens podiatrist for an evaluation. 


After a long, hot day come home to enjoy soaking your feet in warm water with a little bit of Epsom salt. Dry them well and then slide them into soft socks or slippers. 

Treat yourself to a pedicure! The extra care will improve blood flow to your feet, ensure your toenails are trimmed properly and your skin is kept healthy. Be sure to patronize a salon that is committed to cleanliness. 

The summer season offers time to step away from the grind, relax, enjoy outdoor activities, and spend time eating and playing with family and friends. At Best Foot Doctor NY we want you to enjoy your summer to the fullest! We are here for you as your Queens podiatrist.

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