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When you want the best care possible for your feet and ankle, there is no better choice than our podiatric team here at the office of Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov. Led by our resident podiatrist, Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov proudly provides exceptional podiatric care patients across New York. Learn more about our team and our services below, and contact us at (718) 291-9020 to schedule an appointment at one of three locations today!


Meet Our Podiatrist

Our podiatrist, Dr. Emmanuel Fuzalyov is highly-experienced and passionate about providing our clients with high-quality podiatric care. Dr. Fuzaylov specializes in reconstructive foot Surgery, trauma and athletic injuries, tendon and joint pain, as well as a surgical and non-surgical treatment for neuromas and bunions. He performs over 400 highly-successfully surgeries per year. 

Dr. Fuzalyov specializes in minimal incision procedures of the foot, as well as a surgical and non-surgical treatment for foot pathologies, including bunions, hammertoes, heel spurs, and neuromas. His extensive five-year post-residency surgery training has prepared him to utilize the latest and treatment technologies and procedures available in the field of podiatry today.

Dr. Fuzalyov received his Bachelor’s degrees from St, John’s University and completed his graduate studies at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine. Dr. Fuzalyov also completed an intensive two-year program at St. John’s Episcopal Hospital in Queens, NY. Learn more about Dr. Fuzalyov here.


Comprehensive Podiatric Services

No matter what type of foot or ankle-related condition you are struggling with, our team here at the office of Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov has the podiatric services you need to find long-lasting relief.

For detailed information on each of the above services, please visit our Treatments page or contact one of our three locations directly.

Exceptional Podiatric Care

For New York’s best foot and ankle care, there is no better choice than our team here at the office of Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov. We combine or decades of experience with the industry’s latest technology and procedures to provide our patients with high-quality surgical and non-surgical treatments with exceptional results. When you schedule an appointment with us, Dr. Fuzaylov will sit down with you to determine a treatment plan for your specific condition, taking care to answer any and all of your questions along the way. Contact our podiatric team today, and let us help you find an effective treatment plan that lasts for life.
New York’s Premier Podiatrist

Meet Our Specialist

Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov, DPM


Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov, DPM specializes in Bunions Reconstructive Foot Surgery, Trauma and Athletic Injuries, Surgical and Non-surgical Treatment for Neuromas, Tendon and Joint Pain.

Serving Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan

To better serve you, we proudly have three locations across New York. To schedule an appointment at our Brooklyn, Queens, or Manhattan location, or to obtain more information on any of podiatric services, call us at (718) 873-3174 today!
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