Plantar Wart Treatment in Brooklyn, Manhattan, & Queens, NY

Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov Offers Superior Cryotherapy Treatment

Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov is one of the best foot doctors in New York City, with convenient office locations in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens to address an array of footcare needs. Among the reasons our podiatry clinic is considered superior are our expert plantar wart treatment options. Plantar warts are common but can be painful and difficult to remove. Our team of podiatrists is committed to providing efficient, affordable solutions to all of our patients’ foot ailments. We take an individualized approach to plantar wart treatment, carefully diagnosing each patient’s condition before determining the best course of treatment for each case. We know that New Yorkers spend a lot of time on their feet, so we are here to make sure that time is spent pain-free.

Understanding Plantar Warts and Whom They Affect

Plantar warts are small growths that appear on the plantar surface of one’s feet. They develop as a result of the human papillomavirus (HPV) entering the skin through tiny cuts or abrasions. HPV is often present in warm, damp places, such as pool decks and locker room floors. As a result of the communal nature of the virus’ environment, plantar warts are not uncommon. Most people will have to deal with one or more at some point in their lives. Plantar warts can be solitary or appear in clusters, accompanied by a range of symptoms.

Symptoms Associated with Plantar Warts

Plantar warts are characterized by several apparent symptoms, the first of which is often pain or tenderness when walking or standing. Among the other symptoms of plantar warts are:

  • Small, fleshy growth on the bottom of one’s foot
  • Thickened skin over a well-defined location
  • Black pinpoints, which are tiny, clotted blood vessels

Plantar Wart Treatment Performed by Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov

Plantar warts are notorious for being hard to remove and having a tendency to reappear. Our team of New York’s best podiatrists, including Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov, thoroughly treats plantar warts by employing cryotherapy, medicines, laser therapy, and other techniques to remove them permanently. Though plantar warts are relatively harmless, it is a good idea for patients suffering from plantar warts to visit one of our offices in Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Queens to alleviate pain and avoid embarrassment from their appearance. Our treatment techniques include:

  • Cryotherapy treatment

    – This form of treatment should only be performed by a trained professional such as Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov and our team of podiatrists. The process involves freezing the wart with an extremely cold substance, typically liquid nitrogen. A doctor may trim a plantar wart with a knife before applying liquid nitrogen to its surface using a probe or cotton swab. Most plantar warts require one to four treatments before they are eliminated, with treatments occurring every one to three weeks. Cryotherapy treatment is moderately painful, but healing is quick and usually unaccompanied by scarring.

  • Topical creams

    – Our podiatrists may prescribe topical antiviral creams such as salicylic acid to help eliminate plantar warts. This cream can effectively “burn” off the wart. The medicine must be applied to the wart and allowed to dry. After several applications, the plantar wart will begin to turn gray, indicating that the treatment is working. Our podiatrists will scrape away the gray tissue until the wart is gone.

  • Curettage

    – If it is determined that this approach is best for your plantar warts, one of our podiatrists will cut off the wart surgically.

  • Laser therapy

    – Plantar warts are allowed to thrive because of the blood vessels that feed them. By employing laser therapy, these blood vessels can be cauterized, which kills the tissue surrounding the wart and causes it to fall off.

Our Podiatrist Clinics Around NYC Address All Footcare Needs

Beyond plantar wart treatment, Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov’s clinics throughout New York perform a wide assortment of footcare treatment procedures, including bunion surgery, corn surgery, heel spur surgery, toenail removal surgery, foot magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and hammertoe surgery. We provide a safe environment, accurate diagnoses, and effective treatment to keep your feet healthy. Call to learn more about our entire suite of services.

Call or Visit Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov for Plantar Wart Treatment

For the best plantar wart treatment in New York City, visit Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov and his team of podiatrists. Plantar warts have a reputation for being hard to eliminate and even harder to keep from reappearing. But our offices located in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan will provide state-of-the-art approaches to treating plantar warts, including cryotherapy treatment, topical creams that will allow you to eventually scrape away your warts, curettage, and laser therapy. Do not suffer through pain and unsightly growths. Call or visit us today to learn more about how we can help.

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