Pediatric Foot Conditions

Pediatric Foot Conditions

Kids tend to spend a lot of time walking, running, and playing. When their feet hurt, their normal daily activities can be severely limited. If your child needs podiatric care, finding a trustworthy pediatric podiatrist in NYC is important. Kids are prone to developing a variety of foot-related conditions that need medical care. Some of these are shared with adults, while others are unique to children.

In either case, timely treatment is essential to ensure your child’s proper growth and development. Kids who don’t receive proper pediatric care from a children’s foot doctor can suffer from a lifetime of consequences. They may develop slower than their peers socially and physically, which can cause long-term delays. Unfortunately, they may also carry their unresolved pediatric foot condtions into adulthood, suffering from a lifetime of limited mobility or discomfort.

Are you looking for the best foot doctor for kids in the Manhattan and Queens areas? The doctors at Best Foot Doctor New York can provide your child with the best pediatric podiatry care in NYC. We can evaluate and treat a wide variety of pediatric foot conditions in children, including some common problems discussed here.

Treatment for Flat Feet

If your child suffers from flat feet, the entire bottom surface of their foot will make contact with surfaces they walk on. Adults with flat feet, or fallen arches, often have feet that look normal until they are standing up and bearing weight. However, children with flat feet tend to have a visibly absent foot arch, even while they are sitting down. They may find it difficult to stand or walk for long periods of time, and they sometimes have trouble participating in play, games and athletic activities alongside their peers.

In some cases, kids don’t need any treatment for flat feet. They’ll often grow out of the condition over time. However, it’s important to consult a children’s foot doctor if your child does need treatment. Kids with flat feet can often be treated with custom orthotics, which help their arches develop normally. Occasionally, corrective surgery may be needed to address the issue. No matter which treatment your child needs, you can count on the doctors at Best Foot Doctor NY for accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment recommendations.

Treatment for Overlapping Toes

Anyone from newborns to adults can have overlapping toes, and this problem should be addressed right away to avoid future complications. While manually correcting the issue may be the first step, especially in infants, your child may also benefit from orthotics or physical therapy.

Treatment for Heel Pain

Does your child complain of foot pain, specifically on the bottom of their foot? If so, they may have a medical condition causing heel pain that needs medical attention. A children’s foot doctor can perform exams and diagnostics to pinpoint the cause of your child’s pain and find an appropriate solution. These are a few common conditions that can cause pediatric heel pain.

Sever’s Disease

Sever’s disease isn’t actually a disease – it’s a condition that arises when the growth plate in your child’s heel bone receives too much impact or stress. It’s common in children between the ages of 8 and 14, especially kids involved in high-impact sports. Non-invasive treatments might involve changing your child’s footwear, doing special exercises, or wearing heel pads or special inserts. Working with a pediatric podiatrist in NYC is essential to ensure your child’s condition is managed properly.

Achilles Tendonitis

Just like adults, children can suffer from an inflammation of the Achilles tendon, otherwise known as Achilles tendonitis. Kids who play sports are especially susceptible to this condition. Diagnostic tests for Achilles tendonitis may include a physical exam, and an X-ray or MRI. Treatments may include shoe modifications, physical therapy, and rest and compression. If your child needs surgical repair, the Best Foot Doctor NY team can find the best repair technique for your child’s unique needs.

Plantar Fasciitis

Although plantar fasciitis is more common in adults, it’s also seen in kids. This painful condition can severely limit your child’s ability to play, exercise and develop normally. Kids with plantar fasciitis often benefit from noninvasive treatments, including special exercises, custom orthotics, physical therapy, or splints to be worn at night. An experienced pediatric podiatrist in NYC can help your child get a proper diagnosis and individualized treatment plan.

Treatment for Ingrown Toenails

Kids often develop ingrown toenails due to improperly fitting shoes. Because kids’ feet grow so rapidly, it can be hard to keep up, and they often end up wearing shoes that are too tight. Kids who cut their toenails are also prone to using incorrect techniques. Cutting mistakes can cause nails to grow into your child’s skin.

At Best Foot Doctor NY, we offer a variety of treatment options for kids with ingrown toenails. Common procedures include laser surgery and permanent nail removal. If you have a kid with ingrown toenails, finding a pediatric podiatrist who can minimize your child’s fear and discomfort is important. We prioritize our patients’ well-being at every office visit.

Treatment for Pigeon Toes

If your child is pigeon-toed, their feet will point outward while they walk. This condition is most common in toddlers and preschoolers and often stems from a rotated shin or thigh bone. Many kids with pigeon-toed feet can simply be monitored as they grow. Keeping your child active can help to correct the problem over time. However, your child should be evaluated by a podiatrist in NYC, who can determine whether they need braces, orthotics, or other interventions.

Treatment for Plantar Warts

Kids tend to walk barefoot on shared surfaces, including pool decks, school locker rooms, and playrooms. Unfortunately, this puts them at risk of developing plantar warts, which often appear on the balls or heels of their feet. Plantar warts can be difficult for kids to live with. They’re embarrassing and unsightly, and kids with warts often hesitate to let other children see their feet. Depending on where the wart is located, it could make it hard for your child to walk or wear shoes.

The team of NYC foot doctors at Best Foot Doctor NY can evaluate plantar warts in children and determine the best course of treatment. We offer a superior cryotherapy treatment that’s only available under the care of a trained professional like Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov. We may also employ topical creams, curettage, or laser therapy when treating your child’s warts.

Treatment for Athlete’s Foot and Toenail Fungus

Kids don’t always practice ideal hygiene when it comes to their feet. If your child spends too much time in wet shoes and socks, or they don’t clean their feet properly, their risk of developing athlete’s foot may increase. Other fungal infections can affect your child’s toenails, causing an unsightly appearance. Fungal infections can not only be uncomfortable and embarrassing, and make your child feel insecure – they can also spread to other children or family members.

If your child is suffering from athlete’s foot, we can help you determine the best antifungal product to address the issue. For kids dealing with toenail fungus, Best Foot Doctor NY offers a variety of treatment options to resolve the problem effectively. Our PinPointe laser is approved by the FDA to treat toenail fungus safely. The treatment is pain-free with no side effects and approved for all age groups.

Evaluation and Treatment for Developmental Delays

If your child isn’t meeting their milestone for walking, it can be a source of stress and concern. Without evaluation by a pediatric podiatrist in NYC, it’s impossible to know whether physical problems with their feet cause your child’s delayed walking. Ruling out pediatric foot condtions is an important step in determining the cause of your child’s delay so that it can be addressed.

If you notice your child walking more slowly or awkwardly than their peers or struggling to run or participate in sports, a podiatrist visit can also help you get to the root of the problem. Younger children may be unable to clearly communicate about the foot discomfort they’re experiencing, so a proper exam and diagnostic testing are critical.

Best Foot Doctor NY: The Best Choice for Pediatric Foot Conditions Care in NYC!

Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov and the team of podiatrists at Best Foot Doctor NY have had years of experience treating countless patients with various podiatric conditions. Their patient-first approach means that your comfort and convenience come first. It’s not always easy to take your child to a podiatrist. We understand how busy your schedule may be and how challenging pediatric visits can seem. Our mission is to offer the most effective and affordable solutions available while making the experience as stress-free as possible for you and your child.

If your child is experiencing pediatric foot condtions, don’t wait to seek treatment. Call (718) 291 9020, or schedule an exam at one of our six convenient locations today!

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