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Trusted Podiatric Service in Manhattan, NYC

Best Foot Doctor NY is a state-of-the-art, modern podiatry office and foot care center in New York City that specializes in comprehensive foot and ankle treatments. We utilize the latest digital X-ray and diagnostic equipment, and Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov and his podiatric team have decades of experience to ensure every patient receives quality podiatric care.

Dr. Fuzaylov and our gentle and caring podiatric staff will put your comfort and needs first. We’ll always provide prompt diagnosis, early intervention, and effective corrective procedures to ensure your feet are healthy and pain free. Contact our office today to schedule an initial examination and consultation.

Effective Pediatric Podiatry

Children are especially vulnerable to lifelong foot issues when parents are not aware of their discomfort. Minor maladies like hammertoe and misaligned foot bone development can lead to chronic pain while walking and ongoing pathological foot conditions. If your child complains of ongoing pain while wearing shoes or you’ve noticed abnormal development in their feet, visit the compassionate pediatric podiatry experts at Best Foot Doctor NY.

We’ve treated hundreds of pediatric podiatry issues that range from:

  • Sport injuries
  • Hammertoe, bunions, and other foot pathologies
  • Ankle and knee pain
  • Circulatory foot damage due to diabetes

We offer affordable and effective corrective surgeries, orthotics, and medicated treatment that can restore your child’s feet and ensure they walk with confidence. Contact our office today for more information.

Corrective Foot and Ankle Procedures

At Best Foot Doctor NY, Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov and his team are dedicated to providing quality foot and ankle care to patients of all ages. We offer comprehensive diagnostics, early intervention, corrective treatments, and conservative and surgical therapies.

We’re passionate about providing a positive experience for all of our patients, and we’ll strive to ensure you feel at ease during your visit. No matter the foot or ankle issues you’re facing, we can accurately diagnose and effectively treat the problem. Revitalize your stride and ensure your foot and ankle health by contacting us today.

Custom Orthotic Products and Therapies in New York City

Orthotics are custom-made foot supports that are designed to fit your feet better than the standard arch supports that come in most shoes. Orthotics can also relieve any biochemical imbalances in your ankles and legs. Orthotics have been proven effective for pain relief and injury correction for athletes, business professionals, or anyone who stands or walks throughout the day.

Orthotics have the added benefit of:

  • Improving the natural stance and gait of a patient
  • Aligning the foot structure
  • Reducing muscular fatigue
  • Maintaining normal bone position in your feet

Best Foot Doctor NY offers a wide range of orthotic products and treatment that can relieve any ongoing discomfort you may feel while moving about your day. Our team of licensed and board-certified podiatrists will take the time needed to understand your condition and answer all of your questions. Schedule an orthotics examination in NYC, with us today.

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