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New York’s Premier Podiatrist

Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov, DPM

Healthier feet mean healthy lifestyle!
Are you tired of your painful and deformed toes and bunions? Get helped and get more self-confidence by seeing an experienced foot doctor, who performs about 400 minimal incision foot surgeries per year.
Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov more than an average foot doctor.
Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov, DPM specializes in Bunions Reconstructive Foot Surgery, Trauma and Athletic Injuries, Surgical and Non-surgical Treatment for Neuromas, Tendon and Joint Pain.
Manhattan’s Premier Podiatrist

Daniel P. White, DPM

Healthier feet mean healthy lifestyle!

As a transplant to NYC from Texas, I’ve never looked back since moving here in 2014. NYC has the ability to build you up to stand for what you believe is right. This city constantly tests our limits and creates an environment where our office is able to give and make accessible the best podiatry care available.

I will genuinely listen and internalize what concerns you have at your podiatry visit. I welcome people from all walks of life. We have appreciation for diversity, and bring a judgement free environment.

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