Minimally Invasive Foot Surgery

Minimally invasive foot surgery is appropriately named. Our doctors conduct the procedure with an incredibly small instrument to enter the skin in a tiny opening or sometimes without an incision at all. By keeping the opening and instruments small, there is minimal scarring, and you can go back to being on your feet the same day. A smaller incision means less swelling and quicker recovery time. These procedures are done to fix common but painful issues such as bone spurs, bunions, hammertoe, or other discomforts. This timely procedure has you in and out with little discomfort. By using tools like lasers, endoscopes, and laparoscopes, which is a small camera used to get a better look at the surgery site, the procedure is done with little to no pain to the patient.

Quick Recovery Time

Recovery from minimally invasive foot surgery is quick as well. In most cases, patients can walk out of the office after completing the operation. Because of the specific technique used while targeting a small area, there is minimal damage to your foot, so you can return to work quickly to minimalize time spent away. Dr. Fuzayov will discuss the recovery process with you before and after your procedure. Our attentive staff goes over the entire procedure with you before you make a decision, helping you know exactly what to expect on the day of surgery. While most patients walk out of the office after surgery, fullrecovery time is usually about four to six weeks.

Is Minimally Invasive Surgery Right for Me?

Stop walking through your life constantly in pain. Schedule a consultation with our staff today. A simple procedure may be all you need to get back to a pain-free life. As technology has grown exponentially, so has the resources behind foot surgery. No longer are patients required to be off their feet for extended periods with large scars and stitches. With minimally invasive foot surgery, you experience minimalpain, negligible tissue damage, less chance for infection, lower cost, and quicker recovery time. We proudly serve Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and other neighborhoods in New York.

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