Radio Frequency Nerve Ablation in Brooklyn & Queens, NY

Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov: NY’s Radio Frequency Nerve Ablation Expert

As one of the best podiatrists in New York City, Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov goes to extraordinary measures to ensure our patients are free of any heel or arch pain. Among the techniques we employ at our offices in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan to guarantee comfortable feet is radio frequency nerve ablation (RFA). This approach disrupts the conduction of sensory nerves to alleviate pain associated with conditions such as heel spur syndrome and plantar fasciitis. Given the amount of time New Yorkers spend on their feet, being pain-free is critical to everyday life. Our team of podiatrists is dedicated to helping our patients maintain healthy feet and, as a result, a healthy lifestyle.

Radio Frequency Nerve Ablation and Its Effects

Radio frequency nerve ablation is a minimally-invasive technique used to reduce pain wherever nerves are present. Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov and his team of podiatrists effectively use RFA to minimize discomfort from heel spur syndrome, plantar fasciitis, and various other conditions affecting the feet. The procedure effectively destroys the nerve fibers in the targeted area, meaning they cannot transmit pain signals back to a patient’s brain. It is a long-term solution for chronic pain that offers immediate relief, requires minimal recovery time, and improves function.

Understanding the Radio Frequency Nerve Ablation Procedure

Our podiatrists perform RFA treatment by introducing an electrical current generated by a radio wave to a small area of nerve tissue.

Three steps of the Radio Frequency Nerve Ablation Procedure include:

  1. The patient will receive a local anesthetic to numb the treatment area before radio frequency nerve ablation. As a result, he or she will experience little to no pain during the procedure.
  2. Emmanuel Fuzaylov or a member of his team of podiatrists will then insert a thin needle into the targeted area of a patient’s foot. This step is aided by an x-ray to pinpoint a precise area.
  3. The podiatrist will insert a microelectrode through the needle. This needle will generate a small radiofrequency current to heat the patient’s tissue to approximately 80 degrees Celsius, thus decreasing pain signals in that area.

What to Expect Following RFA Treatment in Our NYC Offices

After receiving radio frequency nerve ablation treatment at one of our convenient office locations in Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Queens, patients must remain in the recovery room for a brief observation period. Following this period, one of our podiatrists will place a bandage over the injection site. Because an anesthetic is used during the procedure, each patient must have someone drive him or her home. Once home, he or she can resume a regular diet immediately and plan on returning to normal activities within one day.

Potential Side Effects After Radio Frequency Nerve Ablation

It is unlikely that any serious complications will result from radio frequency nerve ablation. Infections or bleeding at the incision site are rare. However, select patients have reported experiencing temporary numbness in their legs or bruising and swelling at the incision site. These minor inconveniences are typically short-lived and do not affect one’s ability to return home after the procedure.

Effectiveness of Radio Frequency Nerve Ablation Procedures

Researchers have revealed the success rate of RFA to be as high as 89%. The pain management approach for intractable heel pain is repeatable if necessary, but patients report relief lasting from nine months to more than two years. If the nerve regrows through the patient’s burned lesion, it typically will not occur until 6-12 months after the procedure.

Other Services Provided By New York’s Best Foot Doctor

As one of New York’s best foot doctors, Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov’s expertise is not limited to radio frequency nerve ablation or pain management techniques. Along with his staff of podiatrists in Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan, he performs bunion surgery, heel spur surgery, corn surgery, toenail removal surgery, hammertoe surgery, and foot magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Best Foot Doctor, NY, also offer laser nail treatment in Queens and NYC area. Some of these operations may be followed or accompanied by RFA, but our staff’s priority is helping our patients maintain healthy feet and a healthy lifestyle.

Call or Visit One of Our New York City Podiatrists Today

Our professional podiatrists are principally concerned with our patients’ footcare. Whether Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov and staff are performing corrective surgery or employing pain management techniques such as radio frequency nerve ablation, we provide superior care to help our patients comfortably move about New York City. If you have persistent pain associated with conditions such as plantar fasciitis, call or visit one of our offices in Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Queens today.

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