Our Mission

When you come to our office we provide you with:
Safe Environment
Accurate Diagnosis
Fast Healing
Easy Procedure
Your health is our priority.

Our Podiatry Mission

We all know going to the doctor can be a major hassle. From getting transportation to the office to scheduling an appointment, it can be an undertaking before you even step inside. At Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov’s office, we can provide top-level podiatry services because of our commitment to our patients and our three convenient locations across New York City. Located in Jamaica, Queens, Downtown Brooklyn and on Madison Avenue in New York City, we aim to provide all our patients with efficient, effective, and affordable solutions for their foot ailments. We know how debilitating it can be when your feet undergo a trauma, or you have a longstanding injury you have never sought proper treatment for. As the best podiatrists in the tri-state area, Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov guarantees we can help solve your foot pain for good.

A Safe Environment

At every location, we do everything possible to ensure you feel safe. From our friendly receptionists to our entire medical team, we place a great premium on making our patients feel right at home in our offices. Our offices are clean, modern medical facilities boasting the best equipment in the business, and we utilize a wide range of the latest technological innovations to better serve your foot care needs.

Accurate Diagnosis

Whether you need a surgical procedure or are going to receive some of our other treatment options, you are always assured of an accurate diagnosis. We have no reason to over prescribe medication, encourage a surgery that’s not needed, or in any way push you to get a treatment that is unnecessary. Our main goal is always your health.

Fast Healing

We ensure your body responds effectively to any treatments we provide to your foot. We always take a conservative approach to treatment first because even with outpatient surgery, there can be some downtime involved.

Easy Procedures

From our surgical options to non-surgical procedures, everything is easy at Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov’s office. We aim to keep you comfortable the entire time you’re in our office.

Your Health is our Priority

At Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov’s practice, we stay up to date with the latest technological innovations and treatment plans for a wide array of foot ailments to better serve you, our patients. Your health is always our number one priority and we work hard to ensure you’re getting the results you need. We provide dependable care for adults and children. Our pediatric podiatry services are trusted by families across New York.

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Ready to leave that nagging foot pain behind? Have you avoided getting professional treatment because you are afraid of the hassle or the cost? Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov and his team provide comprehensive podiatry services to help as many people as we can. From surgical procedures to other treatment options like physical therapy and orthotics, we have solutions for any foot ailment you have. Using the best tools in the business and staff with a dedicated team, you will not find a better podiatrist in Brooklyn, Queens, or Manhattan.
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