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The Advantages of In-Office MRIs for Diagnosing Foot Problems

Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov offers in-house MRIs for his patients when diagnosing and treating foot related problems and injuries such as bunions and athletic injuries in order to give them the best possible care. While X-rays and CT Scans can provide some information, only MRIs give doctors a detailed image of the bones, soft tissues and […]

Haglund Deformity Surgery in Brooklyn
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Haglund Deformity Surgery in Brooklyn

Haglund Deformity Surgery in Brooklyn What is a Haglund`s deformity? A Haglund`s deformity, also known as “pump bump” or Bauer bump, is a condition where a bony enlargement formson the back of the heel bone.It is sometimes called “pump bump” as the condition often develops because of the pump-style high heels that many women wear. […]