Diagnosing Athlete’s Foot and Finding Treatment Options at Best Foot Doctor

Discovering that you have athlete’s foot can be startling and scary. Because this condition spreads easily, it is important to treat it early on to contain it. Understanding the condition you are facing is the first step toward curing it. If you are located in the New York City (NYC) area, Best Foot Doctor offers several treatment options for athlete’s foot. We hope that this article is helpful as you navigate the challenges of athlete’s foot.

How to Know if I Have Athlete’s Foot?

Just because you have a foot rash does not necessarily mean that it is caused by athlete’s foot. Athlete’s foot is caused by a fungus that infects the skin. This same fungus can also be responsible for toenail fungus, jock itch, and other conditions depending on where it spreads throughout the body. It is often contracted in public areas around water, like locker rooms, pools, and showers. 

There are three different kinds of athlete’s foot, each with distinctive characteristics.

  • Chronic Interdigital Athlete’s Foot – This most common form of athlete’s foot occurs in between the toes and often is scaly and retains water. It generally occurs from wearing shoes that are too tight and do not allow the foot to breathe. It can also present with additional infections which require its own treatment. It is important to see a doctor to identify exactly what type of athlete’s foot you have.
  • Scaly (Moccasin-Type) Athlete’s Foot – This type of athlete’s foot presents with silvery scaling on the soles of the feet and may also affect your hands. It is often associated with toenail fungus and can recur even after treatment.
  • Acute Vesicular Athlete’s Foot – The final type of athlete’s foot usually starts with a chronic interdigital athlete’s foot and progresses from there. With this type of condition, you may have blisters all over the feet that continue to occur in waves. Acute vesicular athlete’s foot has also been called jungle rot.

How Can Best Foot Doctor Treat Athlete’s Foot?

There are several ways that athlete’s foot is treated, depending on the underlying reason for the disease and the circumstances and general health of the patient. Many individuals try over-the-counter topical creams to help with athlete’s foot. But these may not be adequate to solve the problem. It is important that you see a podiatrist and get an accurate diagnosis of your condition before trying to treat it. Delaying the right treatment could severely worsen your condition.

Common Treatment Options

  • Prescription drugs – Your podiatrist may prescribe you a medicine to treat the underlying fungal infection that is causing your athlete’s foot. It may take some time for the medicine to work. Follow your podiatrist’s directions carefully and let them know right away if you notice anything amiss or do not see improvement.
  • Sprays or powders – Your podiatrist may prescribe an antifungal spray, powder, or ointment to help kill off the fungal infection that is causing your symptoms.
  • Other treatments – If you are dealing with recurring athlete’s foot that needs stronger treatment, your podiatrist can advise you on the next steps for relief.

Finding a Foot Doctor to Treat Athlete’s Foot in New York City (NYC)

If you are struggling with athlete’s foot, or believe you may have contracted it but aren’t sure, you are not alone. Best Foot Doctor in New York City (NYC) is here to help you understand your treatment options and how you can get on the road to recovery. We have offices in Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan that are open and ready to serve you. Please give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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