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Ingrown toenails can be a painful condition that leaves many people uncomfortable and unable to perform their daily routines. Luckily, there are a few non-invasive ingrown toenail treatments, most of which may be recommended by a professional Brooklyn foot surgeon. This article will explore a few of the most common non-invasive ingrown nail treatments. Best Foot Doctor NY is a premier podiatry clinic that provides treatments for a number of different and unique foot and ankle problems, including ingrown and incurvated toenails!

What Is an Ingrown Toenail? 

Ingrown toenails affect many. In fact, 20 out of 100 people who consult with a foot surgeon or specialist for foot problems have been found to suffer from an ingrown toenail. An ingrown toenail develops when a portion of the toenail presses into the flesh. This condition can result in feelings of pain, tenderness, and the formation of proud flesh, which is the exaggerated swelling of the skin along the nail border. 

Not to mention ingrown toenails can become a breeding ground for various infections due to their constant cutting of the foot’s skin. Having an ingrown toenail can be harmful to a foot’s health, especially for people who suffer from diabetes.

What Is the Difference Between Ingrown Toenails and Incurvated Nails? 

An ingrown toenail is often confused with an incurvated toenail. However, incurvated nails are nails that are in danger of becoming ingrown nails. Incurvated nails grow curved and when left untreated, become ingrown. 

Like an ingrown nail, an incurvated nail is at constant risk of infection. This is because the way the nail grows makes it easier to puncture the skin. If you notice an incurvated nail has developed on your foot, it’s time to take the proper intervention steps.  

Ingrown Toenail Treatments | Brooklyn, NYC Foot Surgeon

When an ingrown toenail problem starts, you should be actively seeking treatment. While some at-home remedies to reduce pain and discomfort include soaking the foot in warm, soapy water and wearing open-toed shoes or sandals, sometimes you need other treatments. 

Talking with a foot surgeon or other podiatry specialist can help you learn more about whether the following treatments are right for you. 

Laser Therapy 

Laser nail therapy uses laser wavelengths to destroy fungus. Targeting the nail root or growth center with a laser can help destroy the fungus tissue developed through an ingrown toenail infection, and permanently remove the afflicted nail. 

Laser therapy for ingrown toenails is minimally invasive and usually pain-free, allowing patients to forgo any healing time in favor of resuming their usual activities. 

Chemical Cauterization 

This procedure uses a chemical agent to remove one or both sides of the  ingrown toenail and remove present fungus. The root of the toenail is treated with the chemical agent, but it can also be applied to the entire tissue under the nail if the whole nail needs to be removed. 

Toenail Surgery | Brooklyn Foot Surgeon

Toenail surgery can effectively treat an ingrown toenail, incurvated nail, fungus, and other injuries that may have occurred to the nail. Is this form of treatment the right one for you? Talking with a foot surgeon can help. 

Ingrown Toenail Prevention

Helping to prevent an ingrown toenail can boil down to taking a few precautions. Some things you want to practice in order to ensure your nails are healthy and growing right include: 

  • Avoiding tight-fitting shoes 
  • Not cutting nails too short
  • Ensuring nails are trimmed straight across 
  • Keeping proper foot hygiene 
  • Regularly checking your feet for any signs of problems 

 You will want to speak to a Brooklyn foot surgeon specialist as soon as you notice something off about your feet or feel symptoms of pain and discomfort from an ingrown nail.

Best Foot Doctor NY Is the Premier Foot Surgeon and Ingrown Toenail Doctor in Brooklyn!

Ingrown toenails can lead to serious discomfort and symptoms of pain. Fortunately,  a few non-invasive treatment methods ensure you are not dealing with this issue. Speaking to a Brooklyn foot surgeon can help you learn more about the right treatment methods for your unique case. 

Best Foot Doctor NY is the podiatry clinic in Brooklyn and surrounding areas that caters to patients’ unique needs. We have multiple locations throughout New York, and Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov and his team are ready to help with ingrown toenails and other foot problems. Contact us now to learn more about scheduling your consultation!

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