The Best Laser Nail Treatment in Queens

Laser therapy is a method of treating issues with the skin. From bacteria and viruses to parasites and fungi, there are many culprits behind the skin infections that people face every day. 

One of the most common types of skin infections is toenail fungus. According to The National Center for Biotechnology Information, approximately 12% of people experience toenail fungus in their lifetimes. 

Thankfully, there are many medical procedures and methods that are proven to effectively treat toenail fungus. One of these treatment options for toenail fungus is laser nail therapy.

What is Toenail Fungus? 

Toenail fungus is a type of skin-related issue that only worsens over time. It is a fungus, meaning that the skin-related issue is hard to get rid of because the fungus is a living organism that can be very hard to kill. 

Known as eukaryotes, the fungus that grows on toes can cause serious skin infections if it goes untreated. Toenail fungus grows easily because our feet are in humid environments often, and fungus thrives in damp spaces. 

While fungus will not automatically start growing just because you wear socks or get your feet wet in the shower, repeated exposure to damp areas is the perfect recipe for toenail fungus. 

Laser Nail Treatment in Queens: How Does It Work? 

Nail specialists will set up laser equipment so that the laser is directed towards the toenail fungus. Made with bright lights that emit heat, the wavelengths of the lasers destroy the fungus. 

Not only do lasers work tirelessly to eliminate the current fungal growth, but the lasers are also able to prevent fungus from growing under your toenails ever again. 

It’s important to remember that laser nail therapy requires repeated treatments in order to be effective. Instead of being a one-time solution to toenail fungus, you will need to see your nail specialist for a few sessions before the toenail fungus is completely resolved. 

The Benefits of Laser Nail Treatment in Queens 

The most obvious benefit of laser nail therapy treatment is that it gets rid of toenail fungus. As we mentioned, toenail fungus is often hard to get rid of but thanks to laser nail treatment options, it is not impossible. 

Not only is laser nail therapy very effective in getting rid of toenail fungus, but it returns your feet back to normal as well. Many people who experience skin infections end up dealing with scars and other blemishes after the infection is treated. 

However, laser therapy does not damage your outermost skin layer. Instead of causing harm to your toes, laser nail treatment passes through your skin layers and treats the root of the issue. 

By using laser technology, nail treatment specialists can heal toenail fungus directly underneath your toenail, leaving your nails completely intact. 

Laser treatment therapy is also amazing because your treatment will be specially designed for you and the details of your toenail fungus. 

Where to Find Laser Nail Treatment in Queens

Are you seeking treatment for toenail fungus? Dr. E. is one of the very best laser nail treatment specialists in New York. 

For laser nail treatment in Queens, Brooklyn, or NYC, contact the office of Dr. E, foot doctor NYC!

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