How To Find A Doctor for Bunion Surgery in Jackson Heights

Finding the right doctor to perform your bunion surgery is a critical step in ensuring a positive outcome and a pain-free future without bunions. As you are looking for a podiatrist (foot doctor) in Jackson Heights, here are a few things you should look for. Don’t settle for less than the best for bunion surgery.

If you are physically and financially able to travel to find a doctor, you will have more options for excellent foot doctors. However, if you currently live in or around Jackson Heights, there are high-quality podiatrists right in your backyard. Best Foot Doctor of New York City (NYC) has an office in the Queens area serving the residents of Jackson Heights. 

What Kind of Doctor Should I Look for to Perform My Bunion Surgery?

It can be difficult to trust an unfamiliar foot doctor for your future bunion surgery if you are not currently under their care. Finding a new doctor can seem daunting, but we are here to help you. The following five thoughts should be considered when choosing a podiatrist to perform bunion surgery on you or a loved one.

  • What kinds of bunion surgery has this podiatrist performed?

An experienced podiatrist will have performed bunion surgery in different ways depending on the needs of the patient. You may feel more comfortable with a podiatrist that tailors his methods to each patient, thoroughly evaluating what each needs before proceeding.

  • How many surgeries have been successful?

Any experienced podiatrist will have had a few unsuccessful cases that required a second surgery or assistance from another doctor. While it may be tempting to look for a doctor with a “perfect” record, a good foot doctor will be honest about bunion surgery and admit that it sometimes has complications. Successful podiatrists have a high rate of success but be wary of any doctor with a seemingly perfect record.

  • Does this podiatrist have any awards or published works?

While not a critical qualification for a good doctor, a podiatrist who contributes to their field of expertise with articles, research, or teaching tends to take their patients seriously and be at the top of their field. There are many good foot doctors without awards or accolades, but if your podiatrist is focused on constant growth and improvement, they may be able to provide a higher standard of care with cutting-edge equipment and procedures.

  • Do you feel comfortable with this foot doctor?

If you are not comfortable with a doctor and their office, your surgery will be an anxious experience and cause unneeded stress. Listen to your gut when picking a foot doctor while checking their credentials and experience and realize that the “best” doctor in the area may not be the best choice for you personally.

  • Is the podiatrist in a convenient location for you?

Picking a doctor close to your location allows you to feel confident you can make it to your pre-surgery appointments and follow-up sessions or physical therapy. If you are located in the Jackson Heights area, our Queens location is your nearest podiatrist in New York City.

Finding a Bunion Surgery Foot Doctor in Jackson Heights, New York City (NYC)

If you are searching for a podiatrist in the Jackson Heights area, please give our offices a call to schedule an appointment to discuss your upcoming bunion surgery. Our kind, experienced staff will take care of you and provide an open, honest assessment of your condition and next steps toward surgery.

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