Am I a Candidate for Bunion Surgery?

Are you wondering if you should pursue surgery to remove your bunions? This article will overview the type of individual who may be a good candidate for bunion surgery and what surgery entails. If you have further questions after reading this article, please reach out to Best Foot Doctor, a podiatrist in the NYC area with a friendly staff who would be happy to help answer your questions concerning bunion surgery.

Who Should Have Surgery for Bunion Removal?

Candidates for bunion surgery generally have significant impairment to daily activities due to their bunions. 

Symptoms of Bunions That May Require Surgery

  • Individuals may have difficulty walking for any considerable distance, even in comfortable shoes.
  • Big toes and surrounding joints may have chronic swelling that does not improve with rest or other treatments.
  • The big toe may push against the other toes, potentially even crossing over the top of them.
  • Individuals may be unable to straighten or bend their big toes.
  • Pain does not lessen with footwear changes or over-the-counter medication.

Bunion surgery is not a cosmetic process and should not be taken lightly. Patients who go through bunion surgery may have significant pain after the surgery is complete, even if they did not have pain before surgery. 

What To Consider Before Surgery

If your bunion pain is moderate to severe and affects your lifestyle, you may be a candidate for bunion surgery. However, you will want to consider at least five areas before going through with surgery, which a podiatrist should prescribe and will most likely complete.

  • Your medical history – if you have family members whose bunion pain has required surgery for resolution, it is likely that you may experience the same progression. If you have questions about how your medical history may affect your decision, you should speak with your podiatrist.
  • Evaluate your bunion – how severe is the pain? If you cannot wear shoes or it is very painful to put them on, surgery is likely in your future.
  • Think about the future – could an untreated bunion cause other foot problems? For example, if your situation is so bad that your big toe lies across other toes, the potential for worse foot troubles is high. You and your podiatrist may likely want to consider surgery to correct the problem and prevent further complications.
  • Be honest about your pain – is it so bad that most daily activities are painful and not helped by traditional treatments?
  • Consider recovery time – after foot surgery, you will likely have to be off your feet for many weeks. Evaluate where this fits in your future plans and weigh the pain and discomfort you feel now with the time off work and other activities that rehab and surgery require.

If you are daily affected by bunion pain and considering surgery, we would be happy to schedule an appointment with you to discuss your options. The Best Foot Doctor offices in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens are accepting appointments and ready to help with your next steps toward recovery.

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