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What happens if you leave a bunion untreated? Many patients who suffer from bunions try to ignore them, hoping they’ll eventually go away. However, the consequences of ignoring bunion pain are simply not worth it. Bunions might start out causing mild, manageable pain, but the situation can escalate quickly. The best solution for bunion pain is to seek treatment at your podiatrist’s office. 

What are the consequences of ignoring bunion pain, anyway? This article will explore a few of the most serious dangers of ignoring bunion pain. The bottom line? A hands-off approach is never recommended when it comes to these painful growths. 

What Are Bunions, Anyway?

A bunion is a lump near your big toe, where it connects to your foot. When other bones in your foot move out of their correct place, they can push this bone so that it protrudes abnormally. The large joint at the base of your toe starts to stick out, and the end of your toe starts to point towards your other toes. Since your foot will no longer be shaped correctly to fit inside your shoes, they may rub on the bump and cause blisters.

Why Do I Have Bunions? Queens Best Podiatrist Explains

It’s not always easy to explain why some people get bunions and others don’t. Some risk factors include:

  • Shoes that crowd your toes
  • Other medical conditions that cause inflammation
  • Unusual foot shape
  • Congenital foot deformities

Bunions may affect around 33% of the American population, so if you’re suffering, you are definitely not alone! Whatever the cause, keep reading to discover why you should never ignore the bunions on your feet. 

One Of The Dangers Of Ignoring Bunion Pain: Bigger Bunions

Unfortunately, bunions often don’t stop growing. As they get bigger and bigger, they can further affect your ability to walk and wear shoes. You can even develop smaller bunions, called bunionettes.

When your bunion is in the early stages, you have more non-invasive treatment options. Sometimes, resting and changing your footwear can help. However, the longer you wait, the less likely it is that your bunion will stop growing. What happens if  you leave a bunion untreated for too long? You may need surgery to correct it. While surgery is often highly effective at treating pain, it’s best to avoid it, if possible, through early intervention.

What Happens If You Leave A Bunion Untreated? Other Foot Problems Can Arise.

The dangers of ignoring bunion pain include many other associated conditions. Bunions can cause calluses and corns, since they affect the way your shoes fit and how weight is distributed. They can also lead to hammertoe, which describes a misshapen second, third, or fourth toe. Hammertoes are easier to correct when they’re detected and treated early. However, like bunions, they can require corrective surgery once they progress.

The Devastating Consequences Of Ignoring Bunion Pain: Declining Physical Health

It’s important to recognize that bunions don’t just affect your feet. Living with a bunion can seriously impact your physical well being, as well as your emotional, social, and mental health. As your mobility decreases, getting regular exercise will become more difficult. Leaving the house for social functions may become overwhelming, especially if it hurts to wear shoes. 

Chronic pain can keep you from enjoying life, pursuing hobbies, or being productive at work. Eventually, these lifestyle limitations can lead to depression, anxiety, obesity, and many more harmful conditions. What happens if you leave a bunion untreated can impact every aspect of your life. 

What Can I Do About My Bunion Pain Today?

There are many dangers of ignoring bunion pain, so if you’re living with a bunion, the time to take action is now. Here are a few of the best measures you can take when you have a bunion:

  • Wear comfortable, supportive shoes
  • Apply alternating heat and cold packs to relieve pain
  • Get low-impact exercise while minimizing stress on your feet
  • Lose weight if you are overweight or obese
  • Seek medical attention as quickly as possible

Don’t Suffer The Consequences Of Ignoring Bunion Pain.

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