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> Flat Foot / Pes Planus

What is Flat Foot / Pes Planus?

The definition and meaning of Flat Foot / Pes Planus is below:

Flat foot, or ‘pes planus‘, is a common medical condition resulting in the foot’s arch flattening, causing one’s sole to make contact with the ground when standing. Although more troublesome for those afflicted than others, it can affect people of any age and gender; however, discomfort may be experienced by some individuals due to flat feet. People with flattened arches in their feet often suffer from a condition known as flat feet. While scientists are unsure of why exactly this happens, evidence suggests that it can be attributed to genetic factors and is further compounded by external elements like an unhealthy lifestyle or lack of arch support for shoes.

Whatever the cause, doctors agree that weakened muscles and ligaments supporting the foot likely play a role in causing this all-too-common ailment. Flat feet can cause numerous physical dilemmas ranging from discomfort in the heel and arch area of the foot to struggles balancing while walking or standing on tiptoe. Excessive pronation (rolling ankles inward) when walking may also contribute to flatfeet – further amplifying its impact with fatigue after extended activity periods.

Treatment plans for flat feet depend on the severity and accompanying physical symptoms. Non-invasive approaches such as orthotics and stretching exercises can be beneficial in strengthening foot muscles that are responsible for arch maintenance. Rest days, stable footwear with shock absorption capabilities, or surgical realignment of bones may also aid discomfort caused by flat feet if other methods do not relieve pain. Consulting a doctor or podiatrist to select an appropriate treatment plan is recommended when addressing issues related to this condition.

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