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What is Diabetic Foot Care?

The definition and meaning of Diabetic Foot Care is below:

Podiatrists specializing in diabetic foot care are helping to improve the lives of those living with diabetes by preventing, diagnosing, and treating complications related to their condition. Common treatments include wound care and offloading techniques such as custom orthotics or braces. Diabetic foot exams are regularly paired with patient education on proper footwear selection. Additionally, holistic risk assessments help these medical professionals protect patients against long-term effects caused by this chronic disease.

During a diabetic foot examination, a podiatrist will carefully inspect the feet for any abnormalities such as redness, swelling, or calluses. Joint range of motion and strength testing can also be assessed to identify areas at risk due to reduced sensation in certain parts of the feet; Doppler flow studies & pulse measurements are taken alongside nerve reflex tests if needed. Existing wounds should also be inspected and treated appropriately, while x-rays may need to be taken when bony prominences indicate potential pressure points which require further evaluation.

Managing diabetes requires daily lifestyle modifications such as maintaining proper foot hygiene. These steps include washing feet with mild soap and water, drying them completely; wearing shoes in all environments, including indoors; ensuring toenails are cut straight across without rounding the edges off, and avoiding hot objects on the feet for warmth. Moreover, check the inside of shoes before putting them on in order to prevent any foreign objects from entering. Inspect your feet regularly for cuts or other infections while also speaking with physicians before allowing pedicures by another person.

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