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The best reasons for custom orthotics may differ for every patient. A foot orthotic can be used for the relief, treatment, and control of a number of foot disorders. Foot orthotics can even be combined with other treatment options for optimal results. This article will explore some of the best reasons for the need for custom orthotics and how they can significantly benefit patients. Best Foot Doctor NY provides thorough examinations to provide the most precise custom orthotics. The best reasons to get custom orthotics include:

1. Specialized Feet Support

One reason for the need for custom orthotics is the special support provided to the feet. Custom orthotics are designed to conform to your foot, meaning they can support the arches of your feet and help with specific misalignments or issues you may be dealing with. One of the best reasons for custom orthotics is to help with a gait disorder, which involves a person’s pattern of walking. 

2. Reduces Pain 

There are many advantages of custom orthotics, and one is that they can greatly reduce pain by allowing patients to go on with their daily routines. If you suffer from arthritis, heel spurs, and other types of feet problems, you may find yourself dealing with debilitating pain and inflammation. This is where custom orthotics come in, as they can help alleviate strain on the feet, ankles, and legs. 

3. Joint Protection

Age, stress, and the wear and tear of any physical activity can cause the condition of your joints to weaken over time. One of the best reasons for custom orthotics is that they can provide a nice balance to your feet and absorb the hard-hitting impact of stress and physical activity you may go through daily. Joint protection can make a difference to legs and feet, especially in the future when age and other lifestyle or environmental factors come into play. 

4. Improve Physical Performance

One of the advantages of custom foot orthotics is that they provide improved foot alignment. This can be a big benefit when it comes to a person’s physical performance. If you are an athletic person who finds themselves eager to try new physical activities, you shouldn’t let foot problems get you down. Custom foot orthotics can boost endurance and efficiency, meaning muscles, tendons, and ligaments can do much more with less energy spent. Custom orthotics vastly improve blood circulation throughout the feet, which can reduce swelling after physical activity. 

5. Can Prevent Future Injury

Many patients find one of the advantages of custom orthotics is the prevention of future injuries. Because custom orthotics provide daily comfort and balance the alignment of the feet, this can help with taking the stress and discomfort off of feet. There are many different types of orthotics that can be customized to fit any age, occupation, level of physical activity, and foot issue. Prevention of future injuries to feet and joints can be incredibly beneficial in the long-run, especially if you are athletic, work in a fast-paced environment on your feet, and so on. 

How Can I Get Custom Orthotics? Manhattan’s Best Podiatrist Explains

The best reasons for custom orthotics include pain management and better balance and circulation for the feet, as well as injury prevention. There are many types of custom orthotics to cater to specific lifestyles and conditions. There are rigid orthotics, semi-rigid orthotics, and soft/flexible orthotics. Rigid orthotics offer maximum functional control and are beneficial when it comes to supporting gait issues. Semi-rigid orthotics are often used by athletes and help prevent athletic injuries. Soft/flexible orthotics help alleviate painful pressure areas, especially in patients who have diabetes and/or arthritis and have lost the fat-pad cushioning of the foot. 

Evaluation for custom orthotics entails a complete biomechanical exam. An expert podiatrist will evaluate a patient’s specific gait pattern, as well as joint motion. Age, muscle strength, physical activity, and shoe gear will also be examined to determine the best orthotic choice. By getting custom foot orthotics, you may find yourself doing more than you could previously, especially when it comes to running, walking, playing sports, and standing up for longer periods of time. You may also find relief when it comes to foot and joint pain. 

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Best Foot Doctor NY has helped patients for years when it comes to managing and treating foot conditions. We provide detailed examination and care for prescribing custom orthotics. Contact us now to learn more about how you can begin the process of attaining custom orthotics to better support your feet.

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