What to Look for in a Good Podiatrist

A good podiatrist can be challenging to find. Your feet are critical to your health and wellbeing, and we understand how you feel. At Best Foot Doctor, we take great care to understand your concerns and offer treatment and counsel until you are satisfied with your care.

Not sure what to look for in a podiatrist? This article will provide a brief overview of some of the essential factors you should consider before selecting a physician to care for your foot health.

They Have Credentials

When searching for a good podiatrist, you should pay attention to their credentials. You want to ensure that the doctor you’re entrusting your feet to is experienced and confident in providing treatment. If the podiatrist you’re looking at isn’t certified, he or she may not be a good fit for your needs. Podiatrists tend to train in a reasonably predictable manner. A credentialed podiatrist will attend a four-year college or university where they follow a pre-med course of study.

After receiving their college degree, they must complete four years of medical school focused on podiatrics to earn a D.P.M. (Doctor of Podiatric Medicine). If they wish to pursue additional specialization afterward, they will continue their studies past their doctorate. A qualified podiatrist is a thoroughly credentialed doctor, and their studies will have adequately prepared them to treat patients.

A Good Podiatrist Treats Their Patients Well

Bedside manner is critical to the success of a good doctor. Even highly qualified doctors may suffer when they do not focus adequate attention on their treatment of patients. Patients may feel rushed in a doctor’s office without special care and attention being dedicated to them. Your search for a podiatrist should include focusing on how they care for their patients and thoroughly examine their cases. You may feel more comfortable with a doctor who takes the time to understand your situation before offering a solution.

They’re Goal-Oriented

Another important quality to look for in a good podiatrist is their ability to stay focused on the goal. Patients see podiatrists for a wide variety of ailments, from plantar fasciitis to hammertoe. Because every condition is unique, treatment for each of these will be different, and the results can vary. A good podiatrist treating a wounded runner should not use the same treatment as a patient with a hammertoe condition. If the podiatrist shows they can identify distinct goals for restoring podiatric health and follow a clear path to achieving them, you should feel confident that your feet are in good hands.

They Communicate Clearly

You will want to make sure your new foot doctor communicates clearly with you. A doctor who truly cares about his patients will endeavor to speak their language and describe things in ways they easily understand. Many patients have felt frustrated seeing a doctor who speaks so technically that they are left fumbling for answers. This communication between doctor and patient will be vital in keeping you informed about your treatment process. Good communication ensures a good relationship between patient and podiatrist.

They Understand the Importance of Orthotics

Many people prefer a podiatrist who believes in orthotics and natural cures before rushing patients into procedures or surgeries. Less qualified podiatrists have been known to scare their patients into believing that they need a procedure or surgery done when treatment via other mediums such as topical creams or implants may provide adequate alternative care. The best podiatrists will assess your podiatric situation and determine if minor treatments are options or whether significant procedures or surgeries may be necessary.

If you are searching for an excellent podiatrist, we would be happy to talk to you about your foot concerns. Our highly credentialed staff at Best Foot Doctor cares for our patients and takes the time to understand each unique situation. We have experience with many common ailments and injuries and promise to stay with you until your foot problems are solved. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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