What Kind of Recovery Time to Expect From Subungual Exostosis Surgery

If you know or suspect that subungual exostosis surgery is in your future, you may be concerned about the amount of recovery time that is required to heal from this surgery. We hope to help give you a more thorough understanding of the surgery in this article so you can go forward confidently as a well-informed patient. If you have questions about this or any other foot issues after reading this post, please feel free to contact Best Foot Doctor in New York City for help.

What Is a Subungual Exostosis?

Sometimes mistaken for a chronic ingrown toenail, subungual exostosis is a condition where the bone of the big toe grows an extra piece of bone from the top that extends up and puts pressure underneath the toenail. This condition is easy to miss when it does not cause pain and is generally found by putting pressure on the toenail. Because it is an extra bony growth, it is considered a benign tumor.

Are There Other Treatments Besides Surgery for Subungual Exostosis?

Unless the bony outgrowth in subungual exostosis has punctured the skin/nail of the toe, there are some other treatment options that can help. Switching up footwear so that feet can move and breathe in roomy toe boxes can help relieve the pain associated with this condition. There are also padded inserts that you can add to shoes that will cushion and further relieve symptoms. If you are in pain because of a subungual exostosis, over-the-counter pain medication can help you manage your pain.

If the bony outgrowth has punctured the skin or is causing considerable pain and other complications, it is likely you will need surgery. Thankfully, while some forms of this surgery may take a long time or require a long recovery, Best Foot Doctor’s state-of-the-art techniques make this a fast, simple surgery.

What to Expect From Subungual Exostosis Surgery

  1. Day of Surgery

On the day of your surgery, you will visit your podiatrist for the procedure. It can be done in as little as two minutes and have you back on your feet to continue your day.

  1. Pain and swelling

The pain from surgery should be minimal and any discomfort can be managed with over-the-counter pain medication and should subside within 48 hours. Swelling is a common side effect of surgery but all symptoms should subside within a week. Most of our patients return to normal activities in one week or less.

  1. Recovery time

You should not need to adjust your work schedule after subungual exostosis surgery, primarily if you work a desk job or other non-manual-labor job. You should be able to wear normal shoes the day after your surgery with the bandages on. While you are recovering, you may need to take some time for resting, but overall your life will likely not be heavily impacted. You can contact us if you have any questions about subungual exostosis surgery recovery time or concerns.

 How to Find a Subungual Exostosis Foot Doctor in New York City (NYC)

If you have a subungual exostosis that needs treatment or surgery, and you are located in the Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens areas of New York City (NYC), Best Foot Doctor may be a great fit for you. Our offices are currently accepting new patients and you can call today to schedule an appointment with us.

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