What Is an Ankle Arthroscopy? 

An ankle arthroscopy can help treat ankle problems that may appear gradually or suddenly out of the blue. Some ankle issues, such as constant pain, stiffness, and limited movement, can affect any person’s lifestyle. What is an ankle arthroscopy, and can it help you? Best Foot Doctor NY is the expert Brooklyn podiatrist clinic that can provide insight into your foot health needs!

How Does an Ankle Arthroscopy Work? 

Often a fall or other injury can cause trauma to the ankle, leading to several symptoms. Depending on the injury caused, most symptoms can range from pain in the ankle, redness, swelling, and being unable to move or having very limited movement. 

You may first be advised to use the conventional treatments of icing, rest, over-the-counter pain medication, and physical therapy. However, if these treatments are not helping to ease the symptoms, you must consult a podiatrist for diagnostic tests. The best treatment method may be an ankle arthroscopy. 

Ankle Arthroscopy Procedure

An ankle arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure using an arthroscope, a tiny fiber-optic camera. With the help of this camera, specialized surgical tools are used to examine further and repair ankle problems using very small incisions. This is a stark contrast to the large cuts often made in more invasive traditional procedures. 

Ankle arthroscopy procedures are often used to:

  • Treat tendinitis arthritis (wear to the smooth cartilage of the joints) 
  • Fix fractures at the joint surface
  • Remove loose bone fragments or cartilage 
  • Remove bone spurs and adhesions
  • Treat posterior ankle pain
  • Repair ankle ligament tears (also known as ankle sprains) 

What Is the Recovery Time? 

One appealing detail of an ankle arthroscopy for many people is its short recovery time. All patients undergoing this procedure can expect to go home the same day, and there is simple aftercare to complete while healing. Some of the recovery steps after the procedure include: 

  • Avoiding pressure on the foot 
  • Elevating and icing the foot 
  • Resting
  • Compression 
  • Refraining from baths until the incision heals

An ankle arthroscopy is minimally invasive and impacts the body less, allowing people to get back to their lives in no time. Many people can usually get back to their routines merely a few days after the procedure.

How Long After an Ankle Arthroscopy Can I Walk? 

As stated above, many people who go through an ankle arthroscopy can walk and resume their activities within a few days. However, it all can depend on the severity of the procedure. For example, if there was a larger amount of tissue repairs completed, you may be unable to walk and complete regular activities for several months. 

If you are unsure about the recovery time for your procedure, it is recommended you speak to the expert podiatrist you are consulting with. What matters most is ensuring your recovery time goes as smoothly as possible so you can return to your usual routine without further delay!

Talk to One of the Best Foot and Ankle Surgeons in Brooklyn, NYC Area

Ankle problems can put a limit on your movement, interrupting your lifestyle. When you realize traditional treatments for ankle pain and limited movement are not cutting it, it is time to sit down with a Brooklyn foot surgeon to discuss how an ankle arthroscopy can work for you. 

Due to a short recovery time and minimally invasive methods that leave no scarring, many patients opt for ankle arthroscopy. This procedure can help further diagnose or repair any ankle issues, allowing you to recover in a short time span and without worrying about infections or other problematic developments. 

Are you looking for foot surgery in Brooklyn? Consult with one of the top Brooklyn podiatry clinics! Best Foot Doctor NY is considered the right choice to talk with one of the best foot and ankle surgeons in New York. Whether you need an ankle arthroscopy or have other foot worries, contact us now to learn more about scheduling your appointment.

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