Treatment of Painful Big Toe: Utilizing BioPro Hemi-Implant NYC

Are you experiencing pain in your big toe? If so, you know how much this pain can impact your ability to move comfortably and perform daily activities. Unfortunately, arthritis of the big toe is a common problem. The good news is that the team of NYC podiatrists at Best Foot Doctor NY can use a Hemi-Implant to resolve your pain.

Keep reading if you’re wondering whether the BioPro Hemi-Implant is right for you. This article will explore the causes and symptoms of painful arthritis in your big toe and explain how treatment with the BioPro Hemi-Implant works.

What Is Causing My Painful Big Toe?

Several different factors can cause pain in your big toe. These include gout, bunions, foot injuries, and arthritis. However, arthritis is a common cause of painful big toes. It’s one of the most common conditions seen in most podiatric practices. Arthritis occurs when the cartilage between your bones becomes worn down. Your bone surfaces make direct contact with each other, and small bony growths begin to develop and cause pain.

When arthritis causes your big toe to hurt, the condition is known as hallux rigidus. Risk factors for this condition include:

  • Being a woman
  • Being over age 50
  • Engaging in occupations or activities that cause overuse of your big toe

Hallux rigidus causes your big toe joint to become stiff. This can create pain when you walk, limiting your daily activities and your ability to exercise.

What Are The Symptoms of Arthritis In My Big Toe?

If you have hallux rigidus, you may notice pain when you walk, jog or run. You might also experience:

  • Swelling around your big toe
  • Difficulty moving your big toe
  • A raised, painful area near the top of your big toe joint

The last stage of walking affects your big toe. That’s why you’ll likely notice pain from hallux ridigus at the end of each step when you’re on your tiptoes.

You might first try relieving these symptoms with conservative measures. Ice, rest, and comfortable footwear can help. Your doctor may advise you to take anti-inflammatory medication, try physical therapy, or wear orthotic implants in your shoes. But when these treatments don’t work well enough, you may experience reduced mobility and constant pain. At this point, surgery at Best Foot Doctor NY may be recommended.

What Is The BioPro Hemi-Implant?

The BioPro Hemi-Implant is an implant that resurfaces your joint to restore pain-free mobility. It’s been used to treat big toe pain for over 70 years, and is a safe and effective way to treat hallux rigidus surgically.

During your procedure, your surgeon will use specialized instruments to place a small, smooth metal implant on one surface of your joint. This helps to relieve pain and restore or maintain your ability to move the big toe.

Why Should I Choose The BioPro Hemi-Implant?

The BioPro Hemi-Implant offers several advantages over other repair techniques. You should expect a quick recovery time and notice an immediate decrease in your pain levels. In fact, you’ll likely be able to walk on the day of your surgery.

The team of experts at Best Foot Doctor NY recommends the BioPro Hemi-Implant due to its excellent track record of resolving pain safely and effectively. The implant also allows for versatility. Once you’ve fully recovered from your surgery, you’ll be able to wear a variety of shoe types that suit your lifestyle. If you live in NYC, Hemi-Implant surgery at Best Foot Doctor NY may be the best way to resolve your big toe pain for good.

What Can I Expect After Surgery? | BioPro Hemi-Implant NYC

Your timeline after surgery might look something like this:

  • Around two weeks after your surgery, your sutures will likely be taken out
  • Within two to four weeks, you can stop wearing your post-op shoes and wear comfortable athletic shoes.
  • Within six to eight weeks, you can return to the activities you enjoy, like walking, jogging, or running.

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