How Do I Know If I Have An Arthritic Big Toe?

Stiffness in the big toe can interfere with daily activities and cause pain in the toe and foot. Bunions, hammertoes, and other types of foot conditions may be mistaken for arthritic big toe. If you have questions about your big toe pain and are concerned that it could be arthritis-related, please give our offices a call. Best Foot Doctor in the New York City (NYC) area has offices in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. We hope this article will be helpful in aiding you to pinpoint your symptoms and understand your condition better.

What Are the Symptoms of Arthritic Big Toe?

If your big toe is getting stiff and sore, you may be wondering if you have an arthritic big toe. While arthritis is not considered to be a fully recoverable disease, the symptoms and underlying causes of pain can be treated. Here are some symptoms you may feel with arthritic big toe.

  • Tenderness – arthritic big toe may be especially painful when wearing shoes or walking. It may also be sensitive to the touch.
  • Aches – if your big toe is achy and sore often, especially in the joint area, you may have arthritis there. This achiness may be more pronounced after sitting for extended times or when you first wake up in the morning.
  • Joint pain – pain in the joints is a hallmark of arthritis, as the disease settles in these areas and wreaks havoc. 
  • Inability to bend your toe – stiffness in the big toe, if left untreated, may make it difficult for you to bend the toe at all.
  • Overgrowth – the bones in the big toe may become overgrown and increase the pain and achiness. This overgrowth is caused by degenerating joints and may make the joint immovable. Your body may also try to grow more bone spurs to compensate, worsening the condition.

What Causes Arthritic Big Toe?

The greatest risk factor for developing arthritis, including arthritic big toe, is family history. Overuse of the joints and prior injury may also be risk factors for developing the condition.

While arthritis is not curable, it can be treated. There are some at-home treatment options that can help ease the pain. For advanced conditions of arthritic big toe, surgery may be required to loosen joints and allow you to walk again. The podiatrist who does your surgery may have to remove some of the bony overgrowths to help ease the pain and stiffness.

Finding An Arthritic Big Toe Doctor in New York City (NYC)

If you are experiencing pain and stiffness in your big toe and wonder if you have developed arthritis in the joints, you should seek out a podiatrist’s counsel as soon as possible. If you do not have a podiatrist in your care team already, Best Foot Doctor in NYC is open and ready to serve you. Please give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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