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What is Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome?

The definition and meaning of Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome is below:

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome (TTS) is a medical condition characterized by posterior tibial nerve compression. The resulting symptoms can be debilitating, including burning or tingling sensations, weakness, or numbness in the foot and ankle area, as well as pain that radiates down into the lower limb while walking or running. Normally, there is also difficulty in flexing the toes due to decreased range of motion in these areas, as well as localized swelling on the inside surface of the ankle joint.

TTS is typically caused by repetitive movement patterns, such as running or long-term use of high heels, in combination with conditions like flat feet and excess weight. Direct trauma from an accident or injury can also lead to the disorder, as well as more severe issues, including arthritis, diabetes, tumors and cysts, shingles, clubfoot, gout inflammation, multiple sclerosis & varicose veins – which press on nerves around this tunnel. TTS can cause painful nerve damage in your feet and legs without proper attention, resulting in decreased sensation.

Fortunately, medical solutions exist, such as rest & physical therapy with anti-inflammatory medications or muscle relaxers that may grant relief. Cortisone injections into affected areas have also been known to provide aid, while lifestyle modifications like the use of supportive shoes have seen positive effects, too – besides, surgery is an absolute last resort due to its tendency to cause severe tissue cutting away from impacted nerve paths. In some cases where medication or other conservative treatments do not provide relief from TTS symptoms, surgical intervention may be recommended by a qualified podiatrist.

The surgery involves releasing a portion of the ligament surrounding the tibial nerve tunnel to reduce pressure so that it is no longer compressed. Although this procedure is usually successful in relieving pain associated with TTS, there are potential risks involved, including infection, permanent foot numbness, or disability due to damage done during surgery.

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