Brooklyn Podiatrist for Emergency Foot Care

Quick! Your house is on fire, who do you call? What if you find your spouse unconscious, or witness a car accident? Children across America are taught how to call the emergency number 911 during an emergency. But did you know there are multiple kinds of emergencies? You wouldn’t call for the fire department if you saw a bank robbery. A police officer isn’t the best person to call if someone is drowning. Various professionals are best equipped (both by training and resources) to help in specific emergencies that require their expertise. 

What about your feet? Sure you can go to the Emergency Room or call 911 for an ambulance in a medical emergency. But for emergency foot care that is not life-threatening, a Brooklyn podiatrist is your best option. Best Foot Doctor NY reserves same-day appointments specifically for patients needing emergency attention. We also offer flexible appointments throughout the week and on Saturdays. 


Monday-Friday 9:00 AM- 6:30 PM

Saturday 9:00 AM- 2:00 PM

With multiple locations in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn, finding a podiatrist for your emergency foot care needs has never been easier. 

Emergency Foot Care Symptoms

Any sudden pain, especially if coupled with swelling, loss of function, or discoloration should be considered an emergency. Our providers at Best Foot Doctor NY treat multiple emergent foot conditions including: 

  • fractures
  • infections
  • strains
  • torn ligaments or other sprains
  • and many more

If you have suffered an injury on the job or at home and are experiencing any significant pain or change to your gait call our office immediately. Our staff will help you determine the best course of action. You don’t have to make the decision alone! 

Emergency Foot Care in Brooklyn NY

Best Foot Doctor NY offers several options for emergency foot care to patients in Brooklyn and the surrounding area. These options include scheduling telehealth or a same-day in-office appointment, or advising you to go to the Emergency Room for more extensive, immediate treatment. Whatever option is right for you, a podiatrist in Brooklyn is here to help.


Our telehealth appointments provide a video call with your Brooklyn NY podiatrist from the comfort of your own home. These appointments are not typically available for emergencies, however, if your symptoms are such that we can assess and diagnose over the phone we may be able to offer a treatment plan and call in prescriptions from a simple telehealth visit. Thanks to technology, even emergencies can be treated from a distance. 

Same-day In-office Appointment in Brooklyn

For many patients, our same-day in-office appointments are their best option. Here you can avoid the wait, hassle, and cost of an emergency room visit while getting the specific podiatry care that you need. Our office is equipped with x-ray and MRI imaging equipment to determine the extent of the injury. 

Emergency Department

If your situation requires emergency room services, our staff will not hesitate to send you there. At any point, if you are concerned about your needs or your emergency occurs outside of our practice hours, go to your nearest Emergency Department immediately. 

Don’t wait until an emergency occurs to figure out your options. Best Foot Doctor NY is here for you as Brooklyn’s leading podiatrist. Contact us today!

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