The Advantages of In-Office MRIs for Diagnosing Foot Problems

Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov offers in-office MRIs for his patients when diagnosing and treating foot-related problems and injuries such as bunions and athletic injuries in order to give them the best possible care. X-rays and CT Scans can provide some information.  Only MRIs give doctors a detailed image of the bones, soft tissues, and nervous system without using radiation. These detailed images can provide Dr. Fuzaylov with vital information about joint damage, nerve damage, soft tissue injury, arthritis, and other problems in the foot. He offers in-house MRIs because there are several advantages for his patients.

Less Pain

If you’re already in pain due to an injury or chronic condition in your foot, an in-office MRI can mean less pain. You won’t have to go to another facility and wait for a technician you don’t know to take the image. You also won’t have to worry about whether someone unfamiliar with your condition will take the appropriate images for the doctor. Every extra step you have to take can increase your pain and contribute to complications. With an in-office MRI, we eliminate the need for an extra visit to another facility and additional movement of your leg and foot that could complicate your injury or increase your pain.

In-Office MRIs Are More Convenient

It can be difficult to schedule an MRI, particularly if you work, have a family to care for or have other commitments. By having your MRI done at the Best Foot Doctor New York offices on the same day as your appointment with Dr. Fuzaylov, you save valuable time. You’ll also get same-day results. This alleviates having to wait for another facility to read the images and send them to our office. Less time waiting for results translates to less time worrying. You’ll also be able to start treatment sooner for quicker recovery.

Expert Interpretation

Evaluating and determining a course of treatment relies on being able to see and interpret the appropriate images. When you go to another facility to have an MRI done, the results are only as good as the individual doing the MRI and the person interpreting the results and sending the report to your doctor. In most instances, the technician and the doctor reading and interpreting the results will do a good job. But there are no guarantees. By doing all MRIs in-office Dr. Fuzaylov ensures that your MRI will be done by experts who routinely administer MRIs on the foot. He personally reads the images and interprets the results, guaranteeing an accurate reading and interpretation of the results every time.

MRI – Comprehensive Images for Effective Treatment

Years of working with patients with foot and ankle issues have made Dr. Fuzaylov an expert in diagnosing and treating these problems. In most cases, he prefers to use an MRI because it provides a detailed, state-of-the-art image of all parts of the foot and ankle, including bones, nerves, and soft tissues. These incredibly detailed images help him determine the best possible treatment for each patient. It also helps him closely monitor each patient’s progress over time. Whether you have a soft tissue injury, a crack or broken bone, a tear in the muscles or tendons, inflammation of the joint, infection, or arthritis, an MRI will provide the information needed to create a personalized treatment plan.

According to the Arthritis Foundation, an MRI is, “particularly useful for diagnosing injuries to the cartilage, tendons, and ligaments, as well as areas of swelling. The test may also be used to determine the severity of tarsal tunnel syndrome.” No other test is safer or more detailed than minimally invasive MRIs for successfully diagnosing and treating your foot and ankle problems.

If your foot or ankle is causing you pain, call our office today at (718) 504-5778.    Or visit our website at Best Foot Doctor NY to use our online scheduling system. We’ll be happy to schedule an appointment for you with Dr. Fuzaylov and put you one step closer to recovery.

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