12 Essential Rules for Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetes can affect many parts of your body, including your feet. While proper foot care is important for everyone, foot care is an essential part of preventing and managing complications for the diabetic. Best Foot Doctor NY regularly provides support and care for patients in Queens who are dealing with diabetes. This article will provide 12 essential rules for diabetic foot care. 

Why Diabetic Foot Care Is Important

Approximately 10% of the population of Queens suffers from diabetes. Diabetes is a condition that causes inappropriate levels of glucose in the bloodstream. As these sugar molecules travel throughout the body, they can cause nerve damage and poor circulation. Nerve damage decreases the sensation of pain, moisture, and temperature. Poor circulation inhibits the body’s ability to carry nutrients to the body, especially through the smaller blood vessels of the feet. Finally, reduced blood flow retards the healing process increasing your risk for serious infection. 


Small scratches or blisters on the feet can quickly become infected. If left untreated, diabetes can cause tissue necrosis: cell death due to lack of nutrients because of inadequate blood flow. Ultimately, the cellular death results in pain, and infection, and may even require amputation.  For these reasons, proper diabetic foot care is essential. Given the high rate of diabetes in Queens, many people find themselves or someone they know dealing with the complications of diabetes. The following 12 tips will help you avoid common diabetic complications.

Taking Care of Your Feet with Diabetes

Managing Nerve Damage

Most diabetics experience decreased sensation in their feet. Therefore, it is important to: 

  • Inspect your feet regularly for small sores or scratches.
  • Check your shoes for small pebbles or other foreign items.
  • Do not go barefoot. Even at home you can step on something and scratch your foot without realizing it.
  • Wear shoes that fit you properly.
  • Wear socks that are breathable and not too tight.
  • Consider socks designed for diabetics.

Keep Your Feet Clean and Dry

Diabetic foot care also includes extra attention to make sure that your feet stay clean and dry

  • Wash your feet every day. Use an antibacterial cleanser and rinse well.
  • Test the water on your wrist to make sure it is not too hot.
  • Dry gently by patting them with a clean towel. Be sure to dry your feet completely, including between your toes.
  • Moisturize your feet regularly, but avoid putting lotion between your toes.
  • Change your socks every day, or more often if they get wet.
  • Cut your toenails straight across.

When to Contact Your Doctor

Patients in Queens and beyond can contact Best Foot Doctor NY for advice and assistance with diabetic foot care. Contact a doctor immediately if you notice:

  • Sores, blisters, or calluses that are not healing quickly.
  • Any reddened or bruised areas on your feet.
  • Pain, swelling, unusual odor, or areas that are warm to the touch.


Diabetes is a prevalent condition in Queens. Proper foot care is attainable and necessary to help prevent further complications. Our providers at Best Foot Doctor NY are ready to help you take control of your diabetic foot care. 

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