Shoes Good for Heel Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, and Achilles Tendonitis

Are your shoes good for heel pain? If you’re struggling with heel pain, you probably know that certain types of shoes can make the problem worse. Often, just changing shoes won’t make the problem go away on its own. When the pain seems like it’s here to stay, it’s best to visit your podiatrist for an evaluation. However, in the meantime, it’s important to wear the best shoes for heel discomfort so that you won’t aggravate your condition.

You might be shopping for shoes online and wondering, “what are the best shoes for heel pain?” Or maybe you’re staring at all the shoes you already own, and asking yourself, “Are any of these shoes good for heel pain?” This article will cover several of the do’s and don’ts of choosing footwear when your heel hurts, including the best shoes for Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. Read on to learn how to choose shoes good for heel pain and avoid common pitfalls! 

What To Avoid: Say No To The Worst Shoes For Heel Pain

There are several common shoe types that can make the pain worse. Wondering what to avoid? Check out our short list of the most common culprits.

High Heels

If you need shoes good for foot pain, you’ll want to steer clear of high heels. They place unnecessary pressure on your heels, which can cause plantar fasciitis to develop. In fact, high heels cause a whole array of other foot problems, including:

Even though high heels may be fashionable, designers are creating more and more stylish flat options these days. Try taking a break from heels for a while–your feet will thank you!


Flip-flops are so easy to wear, especially in the summertime. However, they’re definitely not among the best shoes for heel pain. Your foot has to physically hold onto the shoe when you walk to prevent it from falling off. Over time, this can inflame the tendons in your foot and cause plantar fasciitis. 

Flats With No Support

As previously discussed, you’ll need to skip anything with high heels. However, choosing shoes that are too flat can also aggravate painful foot conditions. Shoes with a thin, flat surface that offers no arch support or shock absorption can also be painful. Ballet flats, in particular, are associated with soreness, blisters and erosion of helpful fatty tissue in your feet. Podiatrists often name them as the worst shoes for heel pain. They often lead to plantar fasciitis or neuromas, too.

What To Look For: Finding Shoes Good For Heel Pain | Best Podiatrist in Queens NYC

Finding high-quality shoes to alleviate discomfort can be challenging, but not impossible. It’s important to remember that many designers are only concerned with selling you a pair of shoes. They know that once you’ve been wearing the shoes for a while, you’re highly unlikely to return them. Look for designers and brands with a reputation for long-lasting quality and comfort, not just looks. Here are a few types of shoes good for heel pain to choose from.

High-Quality Running Shoes

Running shoes are among the best shoes for Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. Whatever the cause of your foot pain, running shoes are probably a good option. However, not all running shoes are created equal. Avoid styles with rigid, hard soles and no arch support. Typically, running shoes that are suspiciously low in price put you at risk of foot problems in the long run.

Orthopedic Shoes | Our Recommendation If You Live in Queens Or Nearby | NYC

Often, the best shoes for heel pain are those specifically designed to relieve it. They’re specially engineered to support your foot structure and keep from aggravating pain. Orthopedic shoes often have the following features:

  • A removable insole so you can add orthotic inserts
  • Extended sizing options
  • Supportive heels
  • Cushioned soles
  • Smooth inner surfaces to minimize chafing

Orthopedic shoes for heel pain are often your best bet. Not only are they among the best shoes for Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis, but they can also help with many other foot problems, from bunions to hammertoes.

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