Expert Podiatrist Care For Kids in NYC | Treating Foot Conditions

Did you know that podiatric care isn’t just for adults? In fact, a wide range of symptoms could mean your child needs to see a foot specialist. If you need to find the best podiatrist for kids in NYC, look no further than Best Foot Doctor NY.

When foot problems arise early in life, it’s important to deal with them right away. This can prevent many conditions from worsening over time. At Best Foot Doctor NY, we understand that going to the doctor can be stressful for children, and we go out of our way to help your child feel at ease. Wondering whether your child needs expert foot care in NYC? While there are many reasons why they might need to see a Manhattan podiatrist, this article explores just a few of the pediatric foot conditions we can treat here at Best Foot Doctor NY.


Kids often contract warts from locker room floors, showers, and other surfaces where other kids go barefoot. Warts can be painful and embarrassing, but your child doesn’t have to just live with the problem. Best Foot Doctor NY takes an individualized approach to wart treatment and offers a variety of options to best meet your child’s needs.

Sprained Ankles

Kids who play sports are at higher risk for spraining their ankles. When kids suffer recurrent sprains, or their injuries fail to heal all the way, they can face long-term consequences that impact their mobility. If your child experiences repeated sprains, or ongoing effects after an injury should have healed, a podiatric evaluation may be needed.

A Flat-footed, Pigeon-toed, or Bow-legged Appearance

NYC’s Best Podiatrist Tells You What to Look For

If your child has an abnormal gait or foot shape, don’t wait to seek medical evaluation. Kids with flat feet, pigeon toes, or bowlegs often need braces, orthotics, or physical therapy under the supervision of a pediatric podiatrist. Foot abnormalities are often hereditary. If any of these conditions run in the family, keeping a close eye on your child’s foot development and investing in high-quality footwear is important. These conditions can cause chronic pain and mobility problems if they aren’t treated in time.

Toes That Look Abnormal

Just like adults, kids can suffer from conditions like bunions and hammertoes. In some cases, children are genetically predisposed to these conditions due to their foot shape. Poorly fitting shoes can also contribute to the problem. If your child’s toes appear to overlap, turn downwards, or be misaligned, your child may need to see an NYC podiatrist to assess the problem. There are a range of effective treatments available, both surgical and nonsurgical. 

Severs Disease

Severs disease, a common pediatric problem, can cause your child to experience foot pain on the bottom of their foot. It’s the most common source of foot pain in kids, and kids who play sports are especially vulnerable. This condition occurs when the growth plate in your child’s heel becomes injured by repetitive motion and impact.

Delayed Walking

There could be several explanations if your child isn’t hitting their walking milestones. But seeking out expert children’s foot care in NYC is the best way to ensure that foot problems aren’t playing a role. The sooner you’re able to pinpoint an accurate explanation, the sooner your child can get the treatment they need.

Why Should I Find a Children’s Foot Doctor in NYC?

While your pediatrician can recognize many childhood foot problems, an appointment with a kids’ podiatrist in NYC is the best way to get expert evaluation and treatment. Giving your child the best podiatric care is essential for their physical health, emotional and social development, and overall well-being. Kids with untreated foot problems may grow up to face chronic physical, social, and mental health struggles as a result. 

The Best Foot Doctor NY team provides the best NYC kids’ podiatric care available in Brooklyn and Queens. Our six convenient locations make it easier to get to appointments on time with your child. Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov and our entire team will draw on many years of valuable experience to ensure your child receives an accurate diagnosis and the best possible treatment.

Best Foot Doctor NY: The Best Kids’ Podiatrist In NYC!

At Best Foot Doctor NY, we understand how vital foot care is for your child’s overall well-being. Our team of compassionate, knowledgeable doctors is ready to help with all of your child’s foot care needs. Call (718) 291 9020, or schedule an exam today!

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