NYC’s Best Podiatrist: Physical Therapy vs Podiatry for Foot Issues

If you’ve got a foot injury or foot-related problem, you know there are many treatment options available. Sometimes, understanding all your choices and picking the best one can be overwhelming. Many patients with foot concerns are unsure whether physical therapy or visiting a podiatrist will lead to a better resolution. While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, Best Foot Doctor NY, the best podiatrist in NYC, offers many solutions and procedures that your physical therapist can’t perform.

Ultimately, it’s important to understand the different purposes and goals of these two specialists, so you’ll know what to expect. In this article, we’ll explore how physical therapists and podiatrists can help you with foot injuries and problems – and why Best Foot Doctor NY is the best podiatrist you can choose in NYC.

What a Physical Therapist Can Do for Foot Problems

Physical therapy can be an important part of your overall treatment plan for foot-related problems. In fact, your podiatrist may refer you to a physical therapist after an office visit or procedure. Why? Physical therapists can work with you to improve many symptoms. Your therapist might focus on some of these four areas:

  • Reducing your pain level
  • Strengthening and stabilizing joints in your feet
  • Improving your range of motion
  • Helping you stay active

How a physical therapist treats foot pain

Physical therapists use many different techniques and modalities to provide relief. Treatment plans are often multifaceted to offer you the maximum benefits.  Your therapist may incorporate treatments such as:

  • Exercise
  • Traction
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Massage
  • Laser therapy
  • Taping
  • Joint mobilization
  • Ultrasound

These are just a few of the many options available. Your treatment plan will be individualized to suit your needs and goals. As the best podiatrists in NYC, the team at Best Foot Doctor NY can advise you in finding a therapist that’s a good fit.

The Limitations of Physical Therapy for Treating Foot Problems

At Best Foot Doctor NYC, we know how helpful physical therapy can be. But keep in mind that physical therapists are not doctors. They cannot prescribe medication or diagnose what’s wrong with your feet. They also can’t perform surgical procedures. 

For many foot-related problems, physical therapy isn’t sufficient treatment by itself. You’ll need the best foot and ankle surgeons in New York to handle your medical care. 

When to Seek Out a Podiatrist in Brooklyn

The simplest answer: if your feet are hurting, you should seek out the best podiatrist in NYC right away. Don’t wait until things get worse – this might lead to more invasive treatments and longer recovery times.

However, there are many other reasons why you may need podiatric care. These are just four of the many situations that might require an office visit:

  • You see something unusual on your feet, like an open wound or a growth
  • You have damage to your feet due to diabetes
  • You’ve noticed a significant odor coming from your feet
  • Your toenails or the skin on your feet looks dry, discolored or abnormal

When it’s time to find a podiatrist in Brooklyn, you should choose one with many convenient locations, experienced staff, and a reputation for compassion and a patient-first approach. Best Foot Doctor NY offers all these benefits and more. Our team keeps up with the latest advancements in podiatric medicine, so we can perform the best treatments available for your condition.

When to pursue foot surgery in Brooklyn

It’s always best to choose the most conservative treatment option available. But sometimes, surgery is required to provide relief. Physical therapists can’t perform surgeries, but they’ll often be an important part of your recovery process.

Best Foot Doctor NY performs an extensive array of surgeries and other procedures. Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov personally handles around 400 foot surgeries every year. Some common foot-related conditions that may require surgery include:

These are just a few of the podiatric problems that may need surgical treatment. It’s important to choose a Brooklyn provider like Best Foot Doctor NY that offers minimally invasive foot surgery. As surgical techniques advance, we’re able to use increasingly sophisticated techniques. These lead to faster recovery times, less pain, and more successful outcomes than traditional surgical methods.

Is It Time to Visit the Best Podiatrist in Brooklyn – NYC? Best Foot Doctor NY

Treatment for most foot problems starts with a visit to the podiatrist. Call Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov at (718) 291 9020 to schedule an appointment today. We’ll thoroughly diagnose and treat your case, and we can help you determine the appropriate role of physical therapy in your overall treatment plan.

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