New York City Marathon: Prepping Your Feet With NYC’s Best Podiatrist

The New York City Marathon is scheduled for November 5th, 2023. Are you planning to participate? Whether you’re a marathon veteran or a first-timer, preparing for the marathon is essential. The experience of preparing can be as valuable and meaningful as the time you spend running in the event. Successful marathon preparation involves many factors, from diet and exercise to visiting the best podiatrist in NYC. But the feeling of accomplishment when the journey is complete makes it all worthwhile!

If you’re running in the New York City Marathon – or considering a run – a visit to the podiatrist is highly advisable. Read to learn more about preparing your feet to run a marathon and how Best Foot Doctor NY can help.

Choosing The Right Products To Protect Your Feet

Successful marathon preparation includes shopping for the right products! Podiatrists recommend carefully choosing your socks and shoes to avoid injury or discomfort during the big day. So, what kinds of shoes and socks are best?

Selecting the Right Marathon Shoes

According to podiatrists, the best marathon shoes are the ones you’re truly comfortable in. Ideally, try to choose a shoe you have prior experience with so there will be no surprises on the day of the race. Make sure to break them in – your marathon shoes should be thoroughly worn without being worn out yet. Keep in mind that your feet may swell when you run. Make sure to try out your marathon shoes on several endurance runs before the day of the race.

Wearing the Right Marathon Socks

Socks matter, too, and it’s important to find the right pair before the day of the marathon. Your socks should be neither too big nor too small and should be made of material that allows for sufficient airflow. Choose a pair of socks you’ve worn several times but is still in excellent condition.

Practice Good Foot Hygiene For Best Results

Podiatrists agree routine foot care matters all the time, but it matters even more when you’re getting ready to run a marathon! Pay special attention to the following daily tasks.

Keep Your Skin Moisturized

Dry, cracked feet can spell disaster on the day of your run. Make sure to use a moisturizing cream or lotion that’s podiatrist recommended. As the best podiatrists in Manhattan and NYC, the team of doctors at Best Foot Doctor NY can help you choose the right products for your skin care needs.

Trim Your Toenails Properly

Toenails should always be cut straight across. Avoid cutting your nails too short, and visit your podiatrist right away if you notice any signs of toenail fungus or ingrown toenails. With the minimally invasive procedures available today, you can work with your doctor to resolve these issues successfully.

Protect Feet From Excess Moisture

Letting your feet stay sweaty after training is never a good idea. Unfortunately, fungal infections and other foot problems that result from excess moisture can prevent you from running your best race. Instead, always dry your feet thoroughly and allow them to breathe after a run.

Inspect Your Feet Daily

If you check your feet every day, you won’t be surprised to discover a large wart, corn, or blister out of the blue. Most foot problems are easier to address in their early stages, so looking closely at your feet daily is essential.

Schedule Any Necessary Procedures Before The Race with NYC’s Best Podiatrist

If you need bunion surgery, corn removal, or any other common procedure, it might be tempting to put off visiting your podiatrist. However, for your feet to be in peak condition on the day of the race, it’s best to take care of any needed medical procedure in advance.

Sometimes, runners are hesitant to undergo the foot surgery they need. Many worry about long recovery times or getting back into their pre-surgery training routine. But when your feet need professional treatment, putting it off will only cause your existing issues to worsen over time. The good news is that Best Foot Doctor NY offers the best minimally invasive treatments available. 

Schedule Your Pre-Marathon Visit With Best Foot Doctor NY Today!

Don’t wait until the last minute to schedule your pre-marathon podiatrist visit. Schedule a visit at one of our six convenient locations, and start working with the best podiatrists in Manhattan. Call Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov today at (718) 291 9020!

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