Laser Nail Therapy to Promote Healing and Pain Relief in Brooklyn

Many foot conditions can cause feelings of pain and discomfort. While there are many treatment options, laser nail therapy is an often underrated method to treat fungus and other foot conditions. This article will discuss laser nail treatment and its effectiveness in promoting healing and pain relief for various foot problems. Best Foot Doctor NY offers innovative laser nail therapy treatments in Brooklyn, NYC!

What Is Laser Nail Therapy? 

Laser nail therapy is a painless and minimally invasive form of treatment that can be used to target fungus in the nails. This treatment method is often used for nail fungus issues. Fungal toenail infections have been determined to cause 23% of foot conditions and 50% of nail conditions, so it is not an issue that should be taken lightly. 

Fortunately, laser nail treatment works to eradicate fungus by shining through the toenail. The laser targets specific pathogens responsible for the development of the fungus, thoroughly wiping them out with energy pulses that emit heat. The laser therapy treatment is performed on an outpatient basis and generally takes about 30 minutes to complete. 

What Are the Benefits of Laser Treatment for Nail Fungus in NYC? 

Many patients are often intimidated by laser nail therapy. However, working with a Brooklyn podiatrist from Best Foot Doctor NY to obtain this treatment can lead to various benefits. Some of the most common reasons laser therapy is beneficial for many includes: 


Laser nail therapy is completed in about 30 minutes. This treatment is performed on an outpatient basis, which means patients are able to leave the clinic and resume their daily activities in no time at all. 

Generally Painless

Most patients recommend laser therapy because it is usually painless. At most, some people report feelings of heat and mild discomfort. However, laser nail therapy is considered generally painless, and the best part is that many patients report not having to deal with any painful side effects as well. 


If you are considering laser nail therapy in Brooklyn, you will be pleased to learn this is a very effective treatment for toenails. While most people need more than one laser therapy session to fully get rid of fungus, laser therapy often works more thoroughly than taking oral medications for the same conditions. 

The FDA has cleared laser therapy and is also supported by clinical studies, meaning the procedure’s effectiveness and precision have been supported repeatedly. If you are wondering whether laser nail fungus treatment in NYC is right for you, contact Best Foot Doctor NY!

Are There Other Conditions Laser Treatment Is Used On? 

Laser therapy is most often used to get rid of fungal nail infections, but it can also help to deal with unwanted warts on the foot. When it comes to nail fungal infections, you may find yourself dealing with symptoms such as: 

  • Yellow streaks in the skin under the nail, nail bed, or underside of the nail 
  • Discolored and/or thickened nail that has separated from the skin underneath the nail 
  • White spots or streaks on the nail surface 
  • Brittle, broken, or thickened nails 
  • Soft and powdery nail surface 

These are signs of a nail fungus infection on your feet. If you are looking into laser treatment for warts, this means you are dealing with symptoms like: 

  • Small fleshy growths on the bottom of your feet 
  • Thickened skin over a well-defined location 
  • Pain and discomfort 

Whatever the case, you should not have to deal with discomfort and unease from fungal infections or warts. Laser therapy is one of the most effective treatment methods, and talking with a Brooklyn podiatrist can help you deal with unsettling foot conditions in no time!

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