Is Neurolysis Effective for Treating Neuromas?

A neuroma, especially Morton’s neuroma, is an especially painful condition that may inhibit an individual’s ability to walk normally and be involved in regular daily activities. Where commonly prescribed treatments may not be widely effective, chemical neurolysis has a proven track record of safe, effective treatment of neuromas. If you are located in the Brooklyn area of NYC (New York City), you can reach out to Best Foot Doctor to schedule an appointment. We have successfully treated many patients with neuromas and would be happy to help you as well.

What Is A Neuroma?

When nerves become injured or overstretched, a cluster of nerve cells may grow at the site of the injury, causing pain and discomfort. This is called a neuroma. While neuromas can be found anywhere on the body, the most common form is Morton’s neuroma, which occurs on the ball of the foot. Individuals with this condition may feel like they are stepping on a small pebble or ball. The most common location for Morton’s neuroma is between the third and fourth toes. Pain from neuromas can be so bad that an individual loses their ability to walk and function normally. If you believe you are suffering from a neuroma in your feet, you should visit a podiatrist as soon as possible to ascertain the extent of your injury and seek treatment.

What Are Common Treatments for Neuroma?

Over the years, many podiatrists recommend conservative treatments of neuromas. These may include orthotics, tape strapping, cortisone injections, or other non-invasive methods. These options may provide some relief, but if patients do not respond to these treatments, surgical methods for easing the pain of the neuroma are often prescribed. If you have neuromas that are not responding to orthotics and other conservative treatments, there is another option before surgery.

How Is Neurolysis Better Than Other Treatment Methods For Neuromas?

One of the most promising types of treatment for neuromas is chemical neurolysis. This treatment involves a chemical/alcohol solution being injected into the offending area. Studies have shown that patients who are treated with five or more injections show significant improvement compared to patients who do not receive neurolysis treatment for neuromas. 

There are at least three reasons why neurolysis is a more effective treatment for neuromas than other methods.

  • Neurolysis requires very little downtime. Some patients have minor symptoms after the injection, but these tend to resolve on their own.
  • Neurolysis is much more inexpensive than surgery.
  • Neurolysis has a higher success rate than conservative treatment methods for neuromas.

Patients who do not respond to chemical neurolysis treatment for Morton’s neuroma and other types of foot neuromas generally need surgery to correct the condition.

How to Find A Neurolysis for Neuromas Foot Doctor in Brooklyn, NYC (New York City)

If you are located in the Brooklyn area and are looking for a podiatrist who does chemical neurolysis for neuromas, we invite you to contact Best Foot Doctor to set up an appointment. Our experienced staff believes in the efficacy of this treatment and will walk you through the diagnosis and treatment of foot neuromas.

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