Innovative Laser Therapy For Fungal Nail Infection: Restoring Nail Health

If you have a fungal nail infection, you might be embarrassed to wear open-toed shoes or go barefoot around others. You might also find that your daily activities are limited. If you’re not careful, you can spread your nail infection to others in showers, pools, locker rooms, and other shared environments.

Having a fungal nail infection is no fun, but the good news is that you don’t need to be stuck with it forever. Laser treatment for your nail fungus can restore your nails to their original condition. Want to learn more about laser nail treatment options in Manhattan? Keep reading to find out how laser nail treatment works. You’ll also learn why Best Foot Doctor NY is the best podiatrist in NYC when you have a fungal nail infection.

What Is A Fungal Nail Infection?

The medical term for a fungal nail infection is onychomycosis. Fingernails can get fungal infections, but it’s much more common for toenails to be affected. It’s caused by a fungus that infected your nails, often starting at the tip and making its way down your nail bed. Common signs of a fungal nail infection include:

  • Nails with a bad odor
  • Nails with a crumbly texture
  • Ragged edges on the end of your nails
  • Nails that appear thicker than others
  • Nails that change color

Fungal nail infections are difficult to get rid of. They’re not likely to go away on their own. Left untreated, they can worsen until it’s hard for you to walk comfortably. You might also experience painful, swollen skin around your nail bed.

When Do I Need Laser Therapy For My Fungal Nail Infection?

Sometimes, podiatrists will recommend oral medication to treat nail fungus. While oral medication can sometimes work, results are not guaranteed. You’ll often need to take the drug for two to four months. You may be able to regrow a new nail that’s free from fungal infection. However, you may still have a fungal infection after treatment is complete.

Other treatment options include home remedies involving essential oils, garlic, vinegar, and other common household substances. Unfortunately, these treatments rarely work. Surgery to permanently remove your nail is another option, but most patients prefer not to lose their toenails for good.

If you prefer a clinically proven laser device that’s more effective than oral medications, laser nail treatment in Manhattan may be your best option.

What Are The Benefits Of Laser Treatment For Nail Fungus In NYC?

Choosing laser treatment for toenail fungus has many benefits. At Best Foot Doctor NY, we use an innovative laser therapy device called the PinPointe Foot Laser. It’s designed to treat nothing else but toenail fungus. Unlike multi-purpose laser devices, it does an excellent job of penetrating your entire toenail and treating the root of your problem.

Other benefits of the PinPointe Foot Laser include:

  • The treatment is safe and effective with no side effects
  • It’s approved for all ages and health conditions
  • It does not cause any pain or limit your activities after treatment
  • Results can often be achieved after one treatment

You may feel a warming sensation during your treatment, but this will not be painful. Our laser device will not harm any healthy tissue. We often treat multiple nails on your foot, even those that appear healthy. This helps ensure your toenail fungus does not survive and return.

Why Should I Choose Best Foot Doctor NY For My Laser Treatment? 

Best Foot Doctor NY is a clear first choice if you’re looking for the best NYC podiatrist to treat your toenail fungus. With six convenient locations, we make it easy for you to get to appointments. Our caring, compassionate staff and knowledgeable doctors can help you understand the pros and cons of all your treatment options and make an informed choice. Our commitment to our patients is to provide convenient, effective care at competitive pricing. We offer payment plans so you can easily accommodate laser treatment for toenail fungus into your budget.

Ready For Treatment From The Best NYC Podiatrist? Call Us Today!

Toenail fungus is a chronic condition that usually won’t go away until you take action. Want relief from your fungal nail infection? Contact Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov today at (718) 291 9020. Our clinically proven laser therapy device is your ticket to a life free from toenail fungus. Enjoy beaches, pools, and your favorite sandals once again!

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