How To Know If You Need New Shoes

There are some obvious signs of wear that signal a need for new shoes, but sometimes the need is not so easy to recognize. Replacing your shoes in a timely manner can help with foot pain and injuries, as well as improve your posture, especially while running or in high-intensity exercise. We hope this article helps you understand the key signs to look for in order to tell when you need new shoes.

Obvious Signs You Need New Shoes

It can be difficult to give up a particularly comfortable or well-loved pair of shoes. We often grow fond of things we use consistently or for long periods of time. This is natural but there are some obvious signs that point to new shoes in our futures.

  • Holes – if your shoes have holes anywhere, they should be replaced as soon as possible. Even if the holes seem to be in an “unimportant” place, their presence can signal unseen wear in other areas of the shoes.
  • Worn down soles – we don’t commonly look at the soles of our shoes unless we have stepped in something. But taking stock of the condition of the soles can be a key indicator of a shoe’s condition. Worn-down soles do not support the feet as intended and should be replaced as soon as possible.
  • General visible wear – if your shoes look worn out and no longer retain their original shape, it is time to look into getting a new pair.

Subtle Signs You May Have Missed

If your shoes have retained their original shape and do not have holes or worn soles, you may assume that they are fine. However, there are some less obvious signs of wear that show you need to get some new shoes.

  • The arch has creases and wearrunning shoes especially can wear down quickly when used a lot. Check the highest point of the arch for creases. Visible creases may indicate that the arch is not rebounding as it should. This can lead to injuries and bad posture when running.
  • You have developed new soreness or seen old injuries returning – if you thought that you took care of an old injury and are feeling the pain again, you may have your old shoes to blame. Footwear that is worn and old does not support your feet as intended and can cause old issues to crop up again.
  • You are still wearing the same size footwear as you did in high school – most people’s foot size will change over the course of adulthood. If you are still wearing shoes the size you did in high school or college, it may be time to get measured for a new pair. 
  • You have obvious foot stress – issues like bunions, calluses, corns, and other foot conditions may signal an issue with your footwear. Even new shoes can sometimes be a problem and should be evaluated if they are giving your feet trouble.

How to Find A Foot Doctor for New Shoes In Queens, NYC (New York City)

If you are unsure whether your shoes are causing issues for your feet or would like more advice on properly-fitting footwear, please give our offices a call today. Best Foot Doctor in the Queens borough of NYC (New York City) has a professional, highly-qualified staff that will be happy to help you with your foot concerns. You can call our offices today to schedule an appointment.

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