How Often Should I Visit a Podiatrist?

Most people consider it standard to visit their primary care doctor for a yearly physical or checkup. You may also see an eye doctor often to ensure your eyes are in good health and any current prescriptions are accurate. Podiatrists, or foot doctors, can also be an essential ally in your wellness journey. Visiting a podiatrist in New York City, NYC, can help your feet stay healthy and prevent any injuries or diseases in your feet from becoming out of control.

What Should I See A Podiatrist For?

Foot doctors are specialists in feet and ankles, two critical supports for whole-body health. Putting off care for untreated foot conditions can contribute to increased pain, limited function, and mobility, as well as potentially life-threatening conditions like blood or bone infections. These conditions are especially dangerous for diabetic patients. 

Common reasons that patients visit us at Best Foot Doctor in Manhattan are:

  • Flat feet – arches that have “fallen” may have pushed bones out of alignment, resulting in pain and discomfort as well as the potential for complications.
  • Wounds that do not heal – if you have recently injured your foot and the healing process takes longer than expected, you should schedule an appointment with a podiatrist.
  • Chronic heel pain – several conditions, like Achilles tendonitis, should be treated by a medical professional.
  • Ongoing foot or ankle pain – schedule an appointment to talk to your podiatrist about any unexplained foot pain.
  • Discolored or deformed nails or skin – discolored or thick toenails could be a sign of a fungal infection, which is treatable but highly contagious.
  • Severe cracking, peeling, or scaling on the heels – a foot doctor can help remove severely cracked skin and advise treatment to soften and heal dried skin.

These are six different issues that we commonly treat at Best Foot Doctor. If you find yourself dealing with an untreated foot condition that does not go away, give our offices a call.

How Often Should I Visit My Podiatrist?

A yearly foot checkup is the best way for healthy individuals to ensure they stay on their feet and in good condition. Even if you do not feel anything wrong with your feet or ankles, a checkup with a good podiatrist will give you peace of mind.  And a podiatrist can find a potentially threatening condition before it gets out of hand.

Diabetic individuals should see a foot doctor more often than those without this health challenge. We recommend that our diabetic patients come in to see us at least once every 3-6 months. If you have diabetes and have any concerns about your foot health, you should visit a podiatrist as soon as possible to ascertain your condition. 

Finding the Best Foot Doctor in the New York City Area

If you are looking for a podiatrist in the Manhattan, Queens, or Brooklyn areas of New York City (NYC), our offices at Best Foot Doctor are open and ready to schedule new patients. Give us a call today.

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