NYC’s Best Podiatrist: Effects of Foot Size Change with Age

It is often a surprise for many people to learn that foot size may change with age. The foot aging process can be quite fascinating to learn about. As we age, our bodies completely change as well, and our feet are no different! In this article, we will be learning more about how one’s feet change with age. Best Foot Doctor NY is the professional podiatrist team you can trust when it comes to age-related foot conditions!

Foot Changes with Aging

Foot changes can vary with age, whether it comes to foot size change with age, skin texture changes, and even toenails. There are plenty of new developments that can occur to feet with age. A lot of these changes may occur from weight gain, activity, and so on. It is important to keep track of any new changes in your feet and know when it is time to reach out to a professional podiatrist to learn more about what are natural changes and what may need to be addressed. 

Some of the most common foot changes with age include: 


Foot size change with age is inevitable. With age and weight gain, ligaments and tendons lose elasticity and stability. This can cause a decrease in the arch of the foot, leading feet to become flatter and wider. With this change, there is usually a foot size increase of at least half a shoe size. Many people buy the same shoe size year after year without stopping to ask if the shoe is comfortable as they age and their feet change in size. This can cause discomfort and other problems!


It’s no secret that arthritis can hit with age, often leaving joints stiff and painful depending on the time of day and level of activity. Hip and knee arthritis can also have a trickle-down effect, throwing off the alignment of feet and causing pain on the insides and outsides of feet as well. 

Foot Deformities | See a Podiatrist in Manhattan or Near You Today

While foot size can change with age, a result of this includes foot deformities. Foot transformation with age can follow with some of the most well-known foot deformities, such as bunions. Bunions are bumps that form on the outside of the big toe and result in prolonged foot pain and discomfort. Hammertoes may also develop with age, which occurs when toe joints point up and permanently bend instead of lying flat. Corns and calluses may also strike feet with age, especially with prolonged use of uncomfortable shoes. 

Deformed Toenail Remedies Available in Brooklyn for Lasting Relief

Skin Problems

One of the lesser-known details about the foot aging process is the problems that may occur with the skin of the feet. For example, the natural cushion of padding on feet dwindles with age, leading to cracked and sore heels. The skin on the feet also becomes drier with age, which can lead to infection


Not only does foot size change with age but other foot changes are inevitable. Even your toenails aren’t safe from age. Hormones and other changes can cause toenails to grow slower and become thicker. Other foot issues, such as fungal infections and poor circulation (resulting from activity level and age-related) can also cause problems with toenails as well. 

Manhattan’s Best Podiatrist Explains How To Deal with the Foot Aging Process

Aging is inevitable, and so is the foot transformation with age. When it comes to dealing with foot size change with age, as well as other age-related foot problems, it is always best to take preventative measures. Some of the things you can do to help with foot changes with aging include getting your feet sized accurately for shoes, wearing comfortable shoes, keeping feet in shape by walking and exercising, inspecting feet, and seeing a podiatrist as needed. Foot size changes with age, and it is important to address this and all other changes that occur for healthy and happy feet!

Need a Podiatrist for the Foot Aging Process Near You in NYC? 

Feet change with age and can lead many to feel self-conscious, in pain, and hopeless when it comes to solutions. However, taking the right preventative measures and sitting down with a professional podiatrist can help alleviate symptoms of foot size change with age, as well as painful foot deformities and conditions.

Best Foot Doctor NY is the trusted team of licensed podiatry experts who have helped patients with various foot ordeals. They can provide guidance and treatment options for a number of symptoms and conditions stemming from foot transformation with age. Contact us now to book your appointment with a helpful podiatrist. Healthy aging for your feet can be attained, so give us a call!

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