Hammertoe Surgery: Procedure, Recovery, and More 

Deciding on hammertoe surgery in Manhattan is about reclaiming your lifestyle and comfort. When your toes curl into that all-too-familiar hammer shape, the pain and inconvenience can seep into every step you take. At Best Foot Dr. NY, we understand the intricacies of this condition and the transformative impact of surgical intervention. This article discusses the hammertoe surgical process so you know what to expect. 

What Hammertoe Surgery Entails 

Hammertoe surgery goes beyond correcting a bend in your toe. As your hammertoe surgeon in Manhattan, we restore comfort and function to your foot. The procedure can last from a few minutes to over an hour, depending on the complexity. We might recommend one of a few different procedures based on your circumstances. 

  1. Tendon Transfer: Often the go-to option for flexible hammertoe, this surgery straightens the bent toe by shifting the tendon’s attachment. It corrects the imbalance causing the deformity, giving you better toe alignment and movement. This method is so successful because it leverages the existing structure in your foot for a natural correction. 
  2. Joint Resection: This approach directly targets your toe’s joint when we remove or reshape parts of the bone to relieve the contracture. We put temporary pins in place to hold your toe straight as it heals. Joint resection works great for reducing the toe’s rigid curvature, which ultimately improves the comfort of your footwear and how you walk. 
  3. Fusion: Fusion becomes the optimal solution when your hammertoe is rigid or severe. We remove the affected joint and use hardware like screws or pins to fuse the bones into a correct, permanent position. This procedure rectifies your toe’s position while stabilizing it so we can prevent more issues in the future. 

We examine your situation to determine which method will best help you achieve mobility and pain relief. We prioritize restoring your foot’s natural function so you can return to a pain-free and active lifestyle. 

Post-Surgery Recovery Insights for Hammertoe Surgery in Manhattan 

After your hammertoe surgery in Manhattan, recovery is a gradual process. We tailor everything to your body’s healing pace. Here’s what you should know about the initial stages and how to manage them effectively: 

  1. Immediate Post-Op Care: Right after your hammertoe surgery, we secure your foot with a splint or surgical boot. This immobilization protects the surgical corrections and guides the initial healing. You need to avoid any pressure on your foot to avoid disrupting the surgical work and to kickstart your recovery. 
  2. Pain and Swelling Management: It’s normal to experience discomfort and swelling in the first few days after your surgery. We give you pain relief options like medication or ice packs. You also need to elevate your foot regularly. These are important to reduce swelling and speed up the healing process. 
  3. Mobility and Support: At first, you won’t be able to put weight on your foot, meaning you need crutches or a walker. As your recovery progresses, you’ll gradually shift to partial then full weight-bearing under our guidance. This transition helps with proper healing while gradually restoring function and strength to your foot. 

Each step of this journey helps make sure you get a successful outcome from your hammertoe surgery. At Best Foot Dr. NY, we’re committed to providing comprehensive care. We guide you from the immediate post-op phase to full recovery, ensuring you get back on your feet confidently. 

Physical Therapy: Enhancing Recovery 

Physical therapy plays a pivotal role in full recovery after hammertoe surgery, focusing on regaining strength, flexibility, and function: 

  • Initial Phase: Begins with gentle movements to reduce stiffness and increase circulation. 
  • Strength and Flexibility: As healing progresses, exercises become more rigorous, aiming to restore the toe’s normal function and range of motion. 
  • Long-term Rehabilitation: Continues with advanced exercises to fully regain foot strength and prevent future deformities. 

Step Toward Recovery With Hammertoe Surgery in Manhattan 

Regain your stride and say goodbye to hammertoe discomfort with expert care from the best hammertoe surgeon in Manhattan. Hammertoe surgery in Manhattan is more than a procedure—it’s a pathway to pain-free walking and enhanced quality of life. Our dedicated team is here to guide you through each phase of your journey, from the initial consultation to full recovery. Don’t let hammertoe dictate your steps any longer. Contact Best Foot Dr. NY today and take the first step toward reclaiming comfort and mobility in your life.

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