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What is Overlapping Toe Procedure?

The definition and meaning of Overlapping Toe Procedure is below:

Patients suffering from overlapping toes can find relief through the overlapping toe procedure, a standard and effective surgical option. With the help of an experienced surgeon, those experiencing pain and functional problems resulting from overlapping toes caused by deformities such as bunions or mallet toes can benefit from a safe but effective procedure known as the overlapping toe procedure. This method has significantly reduced discomfort and improved functionality for many individuals needing relief.

Before beginning the procedure, an x-ray of your foot will be taken to pinpoint where corrective measures should take place; during this time, any questions or concerns are discussed with medical professionals beforehand. By fusing misaligned bones, patients may experience improved comfort levels while still being able to participate in their everyday activities as desired postoperatively.

During the operation, your overlapping toe will be gently realigned. If necessary, the surgeon may delicately trim excess tissue and bone for a precise fit. Small screws or pins are positioned to hold everything securely in place until it is fully healed; afterward, an incision at both ends of the fused bones ensures they remain firmly connected with sutures or stitches.

Post-surgery, adhere to your podiatrist’s recommendations for shoes with low heels and wide-toe boxes. Casts or splints may also be prescribed for up to 6 weeks until the bones are fully healed, during which time resting and avoiding putting weight on your feet should take priority. Taking such steps will provide added protection while facilitating a successful recovery process.

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