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What is Mallet Toe Surgery?

The definition and meaning of Mallet Toe Surgery is below:

Mallet toe surgery is a corrective procedure designed to address the deformity affecting the foot’s second toe. A precise incision will be made on top of the affected area in order to release or reposition tension-inducing tendons, then realign bones with a small metal pin for long-term correction and healing support. Orthotics and shoe inserts may also play an integral role in reducing discomfort before and after surgical intervention.

Mallet toe surgery is a corrective procedure designed to realign the toes, alleviate pain, and improve mobility. By loosening or repositioning tight tendons that cause mallet deformity, patients can find relief from the discomfort associated with this condition while restoring their range of motion in the foot. In addition to restructuring affected muscles and bones, any corns or calluses acquired due to prolonged malleting may also be removed for enhanced comfort post-surgery.

Recovery time for mallet toe surgery varies depending on several factors, including the severity of deformity prior to treatment as well as the amount of tissue that needs adjustment or release during operation. Generally speaking, patients can expect some degree of swelling for up to six weeks post-surgery and soreness when wearing shoes for four weeks or more following treatment. To promote proper healing and thus avoid the reoccurrence of mallet toe deformity, it is recommended that patients limit the amount they walk during their recovery period while continuing with stretching exercises prescribed by their doctor.

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