Current Concepts in Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery

Bunion Surgery involves several concepts. Probably the most common is Minimally Invasive Surgery, or simply MIS. Minimally invasive surgery means surgery conducted with little incisions and no hardware. MIS is gradually gaining popularity as patients opt out of plates and screws in favor of a quicker recovery. While MIS cannot guarantee that the bunion will never return, treatment does shrink the bunion and rectify the foot’s anatomy.

Then there is Austin bunionectomy or simply bunion saving which is a central concept in minimally invasive bunion surgery. Bunionectomy is a golden standard and entails shaving the lump, trimming the bone at the neck, and repositioning it to enhance alignment.

The third concept is an osteotomy. The fundamental principle of a minimally invasive osteotomy is identical to that of an open conventional osteotomy. It involves cutting the bone close to the top of the metatarsal bone, realigning it into the correct position, and securing it using surgical hardware. However, minimally invasive surgery adjusts the bone cut and utilizes various fastening techniques. Realignment osteotomy is the most common bone repair for bunions regardless of the incisional approach, and surgeons can now perform this treatment effectively using minimally invasive procedures.

The other concept is fusion, or simply bone mending. Though common and popular, fusions require a lot of healing time. Fusion of the big toe joint is an effective bunion procedure but is usually reserved for bunions with severe arthritis. By treating this joint, your orthopedic will eradicate both the bunion and the arthritis-related pain.

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