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Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov

About the Doctors

Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov

Are you tired of your painful and deformed toes and bunions? Get helped and get more self-confidence by seeing an experienced foot doctor, who performs about 400 minimal incision foot surgeries per year.

Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov specializes in Bunions Reconstructive Foot
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Minimized Pain

Decreased Visibility of Operation Signs

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Plantar Fasciitis Treatment in Brooklyn, NY

What We Treat

Bunion Surgery

Corn Toes Deformities Treatment

Hammertoe Surgery

Heel Spur Syndrome

Toenail Fungus Treatment

Flatfoot Correction Surgery

Ankle Arthroscopy

Achilles Tendon Repair

Onsite Foot Surgeries

Foot Orthotics

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Radio Frequency Nerve Ablation in Brooklyn, NY

Radio Frequency Nerve Ablation in Brooklyn & Queens, NY

Radio Frequency nerve ablation, is a technique of using thermal energy on a myelin sheath of the nerves to disrupt the conduction of the sensory nerves, which are causing pain.
This technique is used to control discomfort and pain
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Laser Toenail Fungal Treatment in Brooklyn, NY

Laser Toenail Fungal Treatment in Brooklyn

Let the high-tech treat your nail fungus!

The only FDA approved treatment of fungal toenails by pinpoint laser.

• Lowest price • Clinically proven results • No side effects • Fast and easy

Get Your $50 off offer

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