Bunion Surgery Options in New York City

If non-surgical bunion correction hasn’t worked for you, bunion surgery in NYC is the best option to relieve your foot pain caused by bunions. It allows you to wear more varieties of footwear comfortably and restore a more normal look to your foot.

When Should I  See A New York City Bunion Surgeon?

There are several reasons to consider bunion surgery in Manhattan, including:

  • When people are not pleasant with the esthetic look of their feet
  • Severe pain that hinders regular activity, including walking and daily activities of living.
  • Inability to control chronic toe pain with steroids or anti-inflammatories.
  • Inflammation of the big toe that doesn’t subside with rest and antibiotics.
  • Big toe that impinges on the other toes.
  • Stiffness and inability to bend the toes.
  • Significant deformity of the foot where the joint below the big toe protrudes to the point where wearing shoes has become uncomfortable or awkward.

Types of Bunion Surgery Available in Brooklyn, Queens, and New York City

Our podiatric surgeons offer a variety of surgical solutions for bunions, depending on the type of bunion and the severity of the problem. An in-office evaluation, including a physical exam, MRI, x-rays, an evaluation of your pain level, gait, daily activities, and desired outcome, will help determine the appropriate surgical approach. Our team will work closely with you to achieve satisfactory results using one of the following surgical techniques:

Minimal Invasive

Minimal invasive approach is the first option to consider, before taking additional approaches.

Soft Tissue Repair

Surgery involving repair of the ligaments and tendons surrounding the big toe area to pull the bone back into alignment gently.


Removing damaged bone and fusing the boney ends.


Surgically removing the bump of bone from the big toe that protrudes to the side.


Cutting into the bump of bone and realigning it into its proper orientation.

All of these procedures restore the natural shape of the foot. In some cases, the surgeon may also need to insert small metal plates to correct the deformity and maintain the correction permanently. After the surgery has healed, you should be able to wear shoes more comfortably and return to normal activities within a week’s time.

What To Expect From Your Bunion Surgery

Our Brooklyn bunion surgeons perform surgeries on an outpatient basis in our state-of-the-art premises on. We also have facilities in Queens, Forest Hills, and Jamaica, NY, all with surgical suites on-site for your convenience for bunion surgery. You’ll have same-day surgery and be able to recover comfortably at home within a few hours after surgery.

Upon being admitted on the day of your surgery, you’ll meet with an anesthesiologist who will numb your foot and ankle. In most cases, you will remain awake during the surgery. However, you may be given some sedation to make you more relaxed and ease any potential anxiety. The anesthesiologist will stay with you throughout the procedure to monitor the anesthesia and your comfort.

The surgery itself takes about 30 minutes. After the procedure, you’ll spend one or two hours in recovery before being allowed to go home to rest and recuperate. One of our staff members may call you to follow up a few hours after you return home or ask you to call the office to touch base with us.

Surgical Dressings

As with most surgeries, your incision will be covered with bandages to protect the incision and hold your toe in the proper position. You will also have a protective boot or shoe that holds your foot and toe in proper alignment. Make sure you keep these dressings in place, clean and dry, and ensure proper healing and prevent infection. When taking a shower, place a plastic bag over the dressings and seal tightly around the top. If you have any questions, call the office and ask to talk to one of our Queens bunion surgeons or one of the surgical staff who will be happy to answer your questions.

At-Home Care Tips From A Brooklyn Bunion Surgeon

The first few days at home following bunion surgery in NYC are critical. To ensure the success of your surgery, keep these tips in mind to increase the success of the procedure:

  • Keep your foot elevated as much as possible during the first 2-3 days after surgery
  • Apply ice frequently to minimize pain and reduce swelling
  • Have pre-prepared meals ready in the fridge before surgery that you can simply microwave for meals
  • Minimize walking as much as possible
  • When you do walk, don’t put weight on your foot; use a walker or can as recommended by your surgeon
  • Do not drive for at least a week after surgery
  • Drink lots of fluids
  • Keep a phone, the remote, and other devices close by to minimize the need to move about
  • Take all medications as prescribed
  • If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call the office

Schedule a Bunion Surgery Consultation Today

If you’ve been considering bunion surgery in Brooklyn but aren’t sure if it’s the right choice for you, call today to schedule a consultation with one of our podiatric surgeons. They are happy to discuss how bunions are affecting your life and what we can do to help. You can call us at 718-873-3174 or visit our website at Best Foot Doctor NY, where you can schedule an appointment to see a Manhattan bunion surgeon, a Brooklyn podiatrist or a New York foot surgeon of your choice.

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