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Brachymetatarsia is a somewhat rare condition that can seriously impact your quality of life. If you suffer from this foot problem, you know how much it can disrupt your ability to walk and perform normal daily activities. The good news is that you can get lasting relief from your symptoms. Brachymetatarsia surgery can correct the aesthetic and structural problems associated with this condition and get you back on your feet again.

You’ll need to work with the best podiatrist in NYC to get the consistent, reliable results you’re looking for. At Best Foot Doctor NY, you’ll find a team of podiatrists serving Brooklyn and the surrounding areas who put their patients first. We’ve got the knowledge and expertise needed to successfully perform brachymetatarsia surgery and answer all your questions throughout the process. In this article, we’ll explore more about brachymetatarsia and how surgery can provide lasting solutions.

What Is Brachymetatarsia? A Brooklyn Podiatrist Explains

Brachymetatarsia is the condition in which one toe is shorter than the others. Typically, the fourth metatarsal will be the one affected.

Having one toe that is shorter than the others will affect your weight distribution as you walk. Therefore, people who suffer from brachymetatarsia will experience pain while walking. Also, there may be friction between shoes and the affected toe. This can lead to blisters and irritation. 

Besides the pain associated with this condition, patients often feel embarrassed by the appearance of their feet. They may avoid social situations that involve going barefoot, and their self-esteem may be affected. The good news is that brachymetatarsia surgery performed by the best team of podiatrists in NYC can provide relief.

Brachymetatarsia and Morton’s syndrome

Brachymetatarsia is easily confused with Morton’s syndrome because the two conditions are somewhat similar. However, brachymetatarsia involves the fourth metatarsal. Morton’s syndrome, on the other hand, involves your first metatarsal bone. It often causes calluses to form in the ball of your foot near the affected toe, and a neuroma known as Morton’s neuroma may also develop. This condition, like brachymetatarsia, can make it hard to wear shoes and walk comfortably. Your Brooklyn-area podiatrist can properly diagnose your condition and develop a treatment plan. 

Causes Of Brachymetatarsia

Brachymetatarsia is typically a congenital problem, and it may stem from abnormal hormone levels in your body. However, it can also be caused by trauma to your foot. This is particularly true if the trauma occurred early in life.

How Is Brachymetatarsia Diagnosed?

Brachymetatarsia is a visible defect, and your doctor may suggest that you have this condition after doing a physical exam. However, an X-ray can help confirm the diagnosis and inform your doctor’s treatment choices.

How Do The Best Podiatrists In Brooklyn Treat Brachymetatarsia?

Brachymetatarsia surgery might not be necessary if your condition is not causing pain. Some patients find that wearing comfortable shoes is enough to eliminate discomfort. However, in many cases, you’ll need to find a podiatrist who can perform foot surgery in the Brooklyn area. Let’s take a look at a couple of the surgical treatment options available.

Gradual lengthening is a form of Brachymetatarsia surgery.

This form of brachymetatarsia surgery involves placing a device (external fixator) in the patient’s foot. The patient will then be able to perform adjustments to the fixator at home, which will help to lengthen the affected toe over time. Eventually, the device will be removed during an outpatient surgical procedure.

One advantage of the gradual lengthening procedure is that patients can typically bear weight on their feet right after the device has been implanted and removed. Therefore, they’ll be able to continue many of their daily activities.

Acute lengthening

During this procedure, a bone graft from the patient or a donor is placed into the patient’s toe. After surgery, patients will need to wear a boot for several weeks. While this method involves a longer healing time than gradual lengthening, it’s sometimes necessary to achieve the desired results.

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