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Are you suffering from heel spur syndrome in Brooklyn? If so, you probably know there are many different treatment options out there. But how do you know where to turn for the best care available?

There are many reasons why Best Foot Doctor NY is the best choice for heel spur syndrome treatment in Brooklyn. Our six convenient locations, our reputation as the leading podiatrist in the tri-state area, and our guarantee that your pain will be resolved are only a few of these reasons. Keep reading to learn more about our treatment options for painful heel spurs and how they can change your life.

What Is Heel Spur Syndrome?

Heel spur syndrome is a painful condition that develops when calcium builds up on the bottom of your heel bone. Sometimes, this calcium deposit is easily visible on an X-ray. In other cases, it’s harder to visually confirm the problem, but pain is still present. Regardless of X-ray results, the pain is referred to as heel spur syndrome.

Heel Spurs and Plantar Fasciitis

There’s a strong relationship between heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. This common source of heel pain occurs when the tissue connecting your heel bone to your toes becomes inflamed. The pain is often caused by trauma and stress on the tissue. This stress might be triggered by overuse, repetitive motion, being overweight, or other causes like biomechanical faults

Biomechanical Faults

One of the most common causes of heel spur syndrome is a biomechanical fault. Even small abnormalities in the shape or development of your foot can cause significant pain. The most common biomechanical faults behind this condition include:

What’s the connection between heel spurs and plantar fasciitis? Your body often responds to the stress of plantar fasciitis by depositing extra tissue (spurs) in your heel area, Unfortunately, this causes you to suffer from two painful foot conditions instead of just one.

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Find Treatment Options for Heel Spurs in Brooklyn

Heel spurs aren’t always painful, but when they are, treatment is often needed. Since the pain itself typically stems from the plantar fascia, treatment usually focuses on relieving stress on this inflamed tissue. 

Non-Invasive Treatment Options

Your doctor may recommend trying non-invasive therapies before surgery. Four of the most common starting points for non-invasive treatment include:

However, when these methods fail, you deserve permanent, effective relief. At Best Foot Doctor NY, we often find that physical therapy or steroidal injections can provide further help. Another promising option is extracorporeal shock wave treatment, which uses sound waves to speed up the healing process in your affected foot. But sometimes, surgery is truly needed to stop your pain.

Surgical Treatment for Heel Spur Syndrome in Brooklyn

When surgery is needed, Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov can be relied on for experience and expertise. He performs over 400 minimally invasive foot surgeries per year. The entire team of podiatrists at Best Foot Doctor NY is highly qualified and informed about the latest in surgical advancements.

Surgical treatment for heel spur syndrome starts with relieving plantar fasciitis symptoms. It may or may not include removal of a heel spur.

Surgical Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis

During surgery to relieve plantar fasciitis pain, the tissue is released from its point of origin to reduce strain. Endoscopic Plantar Fascial release (EPF) is a relatively new surgical advancement, making surgery less invasive than it was in the past. By using an endoscope equipped with a camera, your doctor can see the plantar fascia more easily while using smaller incisions.

Surgical Treatment for Heel Spurs

Sometimes, alleviating plantar fasciitis pain will fully resolve your issue. Depending on the size and severity of your heel spur, your doctor may also opt to reduce it or remove it altogether while you are undergoing surgery. 

Recovering From Surgical Treatment for Heel Spurs

While recovering from surgery, you’ll need to reset and keep your foot elevated as much as possible, at least in the beginning. When you return to bearing weight on your foot, orthotic shoes or inserts can help prevent your pain from coming back.

Call Best Foot Doctor NY For Heel Spur Treatment in Brooklyn and NYC

For the best heel spur syndrome treatments in Brooklyn, call Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov at (718) 291 9020. We know how painful and debilitating foot pain can be, and we’ll handle your case with empathy and understanding. We’re committed to providing you with the most effective treatment available at competitive costs. Contact us today.

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