Foot Surgery Options 

At Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov’s office, we help our patients with a variety of foot pain treatments. Often, when other forms of treatment have not helped your ailment, we turn to minimally invasive surgical techniques to get the job done.

From plantar fasciitis treatment options to Morton’s Neuroma, Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov can help cure many other foot conditions as well. We utilize the latest surgical techniques to ensure our patients are getting the best possible care. Your feet are essential to your wellbeing, and our foot surgery options enable you to stop being in pain.

We offer a range of foot surgery options depending on what the problem is. We use state of the art equipment at our modern offices in three locations in New York. Whether you need a surgical procedure on your foot in Brooklyn, Queens, or Manhattan, we have a convenient, centrally located office to serve you.

Foot Surgery for Ankle

When you have problems with your ankles, there are two main surgical procedures we can perform.

  • One of the most common injuries to the ankle area of your foot is a rupture of your Achilles tendon. We provide surgery to repair a ruptured Achilles tendon. This is an in-depth procedure with considerable recovery time, depending on the severity of the injury.
  • We also provide radio frequency treatment for Achilles tendinosis. Your Achilles tendon provides a base of support and strength for your foot and when it is ruptured, torn, or not working properly, surgery is sometimes the best option.

Foot Surgery for Big Toe

If your big toe needs surgical treatment, Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov can help with toenail removal surgery, bunion surgery, and sesamoiditis treatment. When your toenails are ingrown, it can be incredibly painful and require a podiatrist to remove the toenail without causing further damage or injury. Bunions are a common condition involving swelling in the area around your big toe. Sesamoiditis is an injury involving the bones underneath your big toe and can be common with athletes, specifically runners.

Foot Surgery for Lesser Toes

Dr. Emmanuel Fuzaylov and the entire team here can help with other surgical treatments dealing with your lesser toes including hammer toe and claw toe conditions. We can also help treat bunionette deformities, called Tailor’s Bunion.

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